Fun Date Ideas

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  • acarla ( 26 / W / adelaide, South Australia )

    a fun day at hte nudist beach, having a picnic and tne wondering around the sand dunes and making out. its sunny perfect day amd everything is nice and perfect.

  • danhep ( 28 / M / Hull, England - Yorkshire )

    a nice meal, cinema, dinner in a cafe, night in a pub. somewhere to talk would be nice. depends entirely on the other participant

  • colossusxie ( 29 / M / Fairfax, VA )

    Sitting by the fire nude and talking

  • matty620 ( 28 / M / Statesville, NC )

    Im hoping to get to see the true person, not a girl being someone who they really arent

  • BaKardi ( 27 / M / Calgary, AB )

    Never enter something with expectations because that why, you can be let down. Without them you have a better time. Spontaneous is how to go.

  • alonenudist18 ( 28 / M / Minneapolis, MN )

    a First date idea for me would be to go to a park and walk around and talk. Then we would go to a romantic restaurant. Then after wards go some where to watch the sunset.

  • marius1989 ( 27 / M / bergen, Hordaland )

    romantik dinner ounder the night sky whit a god drink and god company maby thats you ;=

  • ezmundo ( 29 / M / Nottingham, England - Nottinghamshire )

    A nice long walk through the forest just talking and getting to know each other (possibly nude)

  • marinersport ( 28 / M / Biglerville, PA )

    Something chill that both of us would enjoy.

  • themaskedfancy ( 28 / M / Maineville, OH )

    Make a cake and go on the trampoline or go swimming (or sledding in winter) then just wait til sunset and take a long walk through town.

  • quizmania2000 ( 26 / M / melbourne, Victoria )

    Having a nice dinner then going for a walk and a chat.

  • nudistmattpa ( 28 / M / Bryn Mawr, PA )

    Dinner and a movie or a walk on the beach

  • SirGir ( 27 / M / Gold Coast, New South Wales )

    No awkward moments, it should just run naturally and smoothly. A spark must be felt and the date should be fun, and entertaining.

  • scottoro ( 29 / M / Woodbury, NY )

    I hope my first date, is going out into the mountains and renting a lob cabin in the middle of nowhere, and just camping in front of a fire of a small fireplace, just relaxing and hanging out especially nude. It would be...  read more >>

  • kitoff ( 28 / M / Bournemouth, England - Hampshire )

    We can go to a spa - and meet each other naked! haha. Like the TV show 'Dating Naked', then we can have some beers :-)