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  • jozefsherman ( 45 / M / Bristol, England - Gloucestershire )

    swimming in the nude taking photos of each other be it soft or hard

  • 14Justan ( 40 / M / Elizabethtown, KY )

    I pick you up at the lake on my boat, we talk and decide if you want out before dark.... (lol) then if you decide to stay we get naked after dark ( if you want.... I will....) and then it's play by play.... talk, gotta l...  read more >>

  • Terry_Jukes ( 43 / M / Altoona, PA )

    Dinner and a movie

  • Airibus ( 44 / M / San Diego, CA )

    have a nice dinner, or picnic, have a couple drinks. then depending on the spark level take a walk on the beach, watch a movie, listen to some music & talk, bust just relax & get to lnow each other as far & deeply as we...  read more >>

  • Randyritty ( 41 / M / Shepperton, England - Middlesex )

    first date nice romantic meal by candell light then have a nice walkin the wood hand in hand then we can get naked together and cuddle up together rubbing hands over naked body

  • Bman01 ( 46 / M / Columbia, MO )

    We should introduce ourselves to each other at a cafe or some other public place.

  • ThemanJeff ( 45 / M / Philadelphia, PA )

    Certain about the fantasy becoming getting naked

  • mistadelite ( 49 / M / Miami, FL )

    Well ,we'll meet face to face.Public place, so that u feel safe, we Might drink or and or eat. And talk.Thru convo we're gonna see if we click! Then we both decide our next course of action. Safety is a priority, your ca...  read more >>

  • warick31 ( 43 / M / Cairns, Queensland )

    Love to eat woman for dinner

  • Morris26670 ( 47 / M / Bisceglie, Puglia )

    I would like not declaring my thoughts as my partner makes part of them

  • janebeach2 ( 49 / W / London, England - London )

    Coffee. Picnic. Meet at nude beach.

  • johnnyerasmus ( 44 / M / Cape Town, Western Cape )

    Please ask me

  • horseinaround569 ( 48 / M / North Salem, IN )

    My idea for a first date would be to meet for drinks somewhere it's not too loud to carry on a conversation so we could talk and get to know each other.

  • GymeeHayel ( 48 / M / Phoenix, AZ )

    Depending on the time of the year, my idea is a picnic lunch or dinner.

  • Intertwined ( 44 / M / Louisville, KY )

    It depends. Ok, I won't just leave it like that but it would be nice if both decided together. How about something intreactive so we can find out who we are with by our responses/reactions to the activity. How am I going...  read more >>