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  • Canudedude ( 58 / M / Lomita, CA )

    at the Beach or Lying in the Sun By My Pool

  • Reinar ( 50 / C / Garner, NC )

    First dates (actual face to face meetings) should be at lunch or dinner with lots of room and intimacy to talk, but still public atmosphere for security and/or multiple points to end/extend the date. my first date with m...  read more >>

  • nudeinkc ( 53 / M / Kansas City, MO )

    A massage, kissing with candle light, a long sensual sex session climaxing to an orgasm!

  • beachbum4575 ( 50 / M / yandina, Queensland )

    walk on beach or national park

  • Bluey ( 54 / M / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Happy to share a beer and a relaxed chat in the nude

  • NAClaudia ( 53 / C / La Jolla, CA )

    Come jump in the ocean with me skinnydipping, or play a game of naked volleyball.

  • Sirki ( 57 / M / Chesapeake, VA )

    To start a nice sit down dinner to get to know each other, that way if it doesn't work out at least we had a good meal. After that we'll just go with the flow and see what happens

  • Inches ( 58 / C / Melb, Victoria )

    If you happen to be on the same nudist beach or resort, just come up and introduce yourself

  • hotmetal66 ( 52 / M / Etobicoke, Ontario )

    Would like to meet, and chat, feel at ease with partner. Make you feel comfortable, no rush for anything. We go for walk, nice dinner, movie, 501 We exchange trin trin

  • nudewulf ( 58 / M / Arvada, CO )

    I'm not really would depend on the woman and the place : )

  • blondguy67 ( 50 / M / Hernando, FL )

    We should have a quiet dinner where we can listen to each other talk. then take a walk on the beach or down town.

  • txlover ( 54 / M / Hitchcock, TX )

    nice dinner and walk on the beach to watch the sunset over the water

  • davetvr ( 51 / C / Brentwood, Essex )

    we would love to meet other family ,maybe just for a chat , its a big world so anyone who would love to chat would be great, but UK would be nice

  • kenny2002 ( 51 / M / Tauranga, Tauranga )

    Coffee and a chat at your place or mine or location of your choosing

  • Hal273 ( 56 / M / Barefoot Bay, FL )

    One with good conversation and laughs, honest and not a "front" projecting the woman or myself as someone we are not. Sounds corny or generic but a walk on the beach at night is a great time for me. The stars...  read more >>