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  • firefighter83lt ( 60 / M / Milford, OH )

    go out for dinner get to know ea. other just enjoy have fun be come friends

  • beckyandtom800 ( 44 / C / Mooringsport, LA )

    we like to go to clubs and enjoy dancing and dining and movies

  • laurie2004 ( 65 / M / Sydney, New South Wales )

    anywhere we can get naked, enjoy safe sex, explore eachothers body. groups, trannies, bi, straight, public

  • neckargerd1 ( 52 / M / HD, Baden-Wurttemberg )

    Last uns nackt treffen.......Dann wird man schon sehen..... Gerne Outdoor aber auch indoor...... Auch gerne zu mehreren.

  • nudebiorgies ( 38 / C / Sydney, New South Wales )

    New and excited people meeting in a friendly but beautiful venue

  • medic1120 ( 32 / M / Indianapolis, IN )

    I wouldn't mind just hanging out outside, nothing special, just getting to know each other.

  • hung4u ( 27 / M / Evergreen, AL )

    anywhere we can have fun, laugh and basically have a good time

  • feveredtime76 ( 59 / M / Prescott, AZ )

    See a play and then dinner. If things go well, then maybe someplace with live music.

  • werdna2000 ( 29 / M / St. Albert, AB )

    a dinner at a exotic resturant try something new go and have some fun at a go karting place or shooting range

  • jessica69dixx ( 41 / W / Dallas, TX )

    Home fun bedroom shower store.....

  • hornet11 ( 41 / M / United Kingdom )

    Stripping off naked whilst out hiking in the wilderness

  • TarzanMan ( 57 / M / Clarksburg, MD )

    I will be at the coffee shop at [location] [wearing] when I catch your eye give me a smile. We talk for a few minutes over coffee. Then I look into your eyes and speak in my soft deep voice "As we discussed earlier...  read more >>

  • Carlie2000 ( 42 / W / Rainier, OR )

    I'm very spontaneous and always up to try new things. I like taking walks, I love going hiking and being outside.

  • darkrider181 ( 47 / M / Greater Ipswich area, Queensland )

    A drink or nice bite to eat at a small restaurant or a walk by the waters edge followed by fish and chips and a bottle of wine and a chat.

  • thedart ( 39 / M / Waltham, MA )

    I think the first date can differ depending on the person. I hate to be so vague, but it would really depend on the likes of the other person. I wouldn't force someone to do something they hated on the first date. Second...  read more >>