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  • Dafink ( 36 / M / Warren, NJ )

    Every situation's different so this is hard to answer. I've had first dates at coffee shops and nice restaurants. I'm usually pretty flexible with this and can get to know someone anywhere. It is easier though to get to...  read more >>

  • Anudemale ( 49 / M / Fair Oaks, CA )

    We need time to talk w/o distractions of daily life. We should drive to a large lake about 2 hours from here. We can get acquainted face to face during the drive. Our date is to rent a boat and spend the day out on the l...  read more >>

  • aaaintl ( 66 / M / Madrid, Madrid )

    A weekend or some days together

  • BlippersSkinned ( 51 / M / Albuquerque, NM )

    I'm not looking for a first date, but I am willing to find a friend to have fun with! Maybe exchange pictures and a great conversation. :0) I'm all about an intelligence and I truly enjoy an in depth conversation about w...  read more >>

  • ongold ( 54 / M / Casselberry, FL )

    Ionce was speaking to someone for over a month, yet we hadn't met, we were hot for each other also. So she suggested one AM that I come over for coffee. I did but she called me right before i got there and said come in t...  read more >>

  • nudewulf ( 58 / M / Arvada, CO )

    I'm not really would depend on the woman and the place : )

  • Muscleguy ( 82 / M / Seattle, WA )

    Any 24 hour fitness in the Seattle area, or YMCA

  • kale ( 55 / C / veghel, Noord-Brabant )

    on a nude beach. This year in Croatia, Rovinj. The beach behind Amarin.

  • cleo697 ( 75 / W / Aberdeen, WA )

    My preference is a quiet setting so we can concentrate on each other and communicating. Developing rapport or realizing we don't have rapport is essential. Sharing a light picnic at the park or meeting early at a local c...  read more >>

  • bob69 ( 73 / M / Albuquerque, NM )

    meeting for coffee & getting to know each other.

  • ehorny ( 80 / M / Elkhart, IN )

    Meet first at a place for lunch or snack

  • nakedintexas2001 ( 41 / M / West Hollywood, CA )

    I don't do tradiitonal dates well. I find them forced and feel like an interview...but take me out for a hike or something out od the ordinary, like a museum and i will be interested.

  • bob385 ( 71 / M / San Diego, CA )

    coffee date or walk along the water

  • randyredbear ( 50 / M / Lakeland, FL )

    Just to hang out naked and watch movies, play Xbox games, etc.

  • aurora108 ( 44 / M / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Nice and relaxed, nothing too serious. A casual drink, then if we both like each other we could go out for dinner or if we are comfortable, go to a nudist beach.