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  • reddrool2000 ( 52 / M / Scottsville, KY )

    going out for dinner maybe a movie where we can spend time together getting to know each other

  • snake5555 ( 38 / M / Perth, Western Australia )

    my first date would b a nice lunch or dinner at a nice relaxing restraunt followd b a nice walk to a cinema for a movie of her choice. or if she wants we can take a nice stroll along beach and get 2 know each other more...  read more >>

  • denisefarabee ( 30 / W / Youngstown, OH )

    long walks on the beach , candle light dinner....

  • nativemut ( 31 / M / Richmond, VA )

    Starting off with a quick bite to eat. take a stroll in the park, beach, museum, zoo, along a river, or even through a historic neighborhood. afterwards, a nice home-cooked exotic or country meal with a homemade dessert...  read more >>

  • ank123 ( 33 / M / Southfield, MI )

    My ideal first date would be just to go to dinner and maybe any place which is enough quite so that talk freely and know each other better!

  • billyboy2020 ( 60 / M / March, England - Cambridgeshire )

    a nice stroll alone the sandy beach then a nice pub lunch and see where we go from there

  • daveuk4u ( 67 / M / Carnforth, England - Lancashire )

    Maybe chat on line with view to meeting up for a nice holiday.

  • ganier ( 28 / M / Singapore )

    my idea on my first date is going to a beach @ night and take a walk or sit at sea shore while talking with my date....just to get to know more my date......

  • donboy55au ( 58 / M / Brisbane, Queensland )

    A day at the beach or a picnic by a secluded stream

  • ihypnotize ( 68 / W / Ventura, CA )

    1, Walk on the beach & lunch at a beach front restaraunt 2. Nudist resort 3. Day trip adventure 4. Disneyland 5. Zoo 6 Museum

  • natkiwi ( 56 / M / lower hutt, Wellington )

    Hi to take each step slowly and go where it may lead. Dinner dancing,quiet walk in the park or on the beach or where ever our hearts lead us

  • dproc555 ( 43 / M / Jupiter, FL )

    i would take her to a nice dinner at a quiet little restaraunt so we can get to know each other then a nice walk on the ave. for drinks and maybe a little dancing then perhaps dessert back at my place if the night goes w...  read more >>

  • NaturistSpirit ( 69 / M / Pleasant Hill, CA )

    Picnic on the beach or in the redwoods

  • mintyaero ( 37 / M / Southend-on-Sea, England - Essex )

    Well... I would suggest perhaps a picnic? Maybe a walk along the seafront and perhaps a cup of tea or two.. Throw in a pack of jammie dodgers and I'm happy!

  • Uriel1 ( 66 / M / Quincy, IL )

    This is something I'm pretty open about. I think I would like to go somewhere nice where we can talk and get to know each other. I like to cook perhaps my new friend might like a nice dinner and later a walk, a show or m...  read more >>