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  • sparrow13 ( 37 / W / Jacksonville, FL )

    Talk and get to know one another. Take a walk on the beach.

  • bafriend2011 ( 51 / M / Perth, Western Australia )

    I will leave that to you, meet at the airport. Have a coffee and a meal, go for a walk along the beach too late so we can enjoy the moon light.

  • fanatic3102000 ( 49 / M / Lowell, NC )

    Well, the obligatory dinner and drinks of course. Maybe a walk around the lake. Take in a dance club if she likes, Yes I like to dance.

  • asphyxiated ( 25 / M / Barnsley, England - South Yorkshire )

    Well first thing to know is i'm rather odd, so for me it would be something like sparring or just being generally active, preferably outside and at night :3 I love the night-time, and i love being outdoors, so the two co...  read more >>

  • Kenishapi ( 53 / M / Dallas, TX )

    Describe your first date ideas here. My frist date idea would be seeing a good movie , than going for dinner and live music , a walk, talk, and , and some site seeing

  • bikelady4ever ( 58 / W / Abbeville, AL )

    This is my first things is learn. I have never been attend to nudist place to social. I would like to do this to have good romance.

  • lovesfun ( 45 / M / Brush Prairie, WA )

    I like to have a 'comfortable' situation so we both are 'at ease'. movies are always great, but not always a best 1st date. I love bowling, and it offers a chance for us to see how we are in public and for our true perso...  read more >>

  • misty1019 ( 28 / M / Ocala, FL )

    first date? well seeing as how shy i am, i would like to do something that doesn't make me nervous or shy. something that requires both of us to look silly, or whatever together LOL

  • ranger_fors ( 30 / M / Savannah, GA )

    Go camping by a lake, or the ocean, cook what ever we catch if we dint catch anything then we can cook whatever you prefer! candle light, whatever you would enjoy for a drink, then sit by the campfire and gaze up at the...  read more >>

  • smilin65 ( 53 / M / Pensacola, FL )

    maybe we could meet for a drink or appetizers to seehow we could be capatable.

  • porsche4708 ( 55 / C / Eagles Mere, PA )

    Meeting at Sunnyrest and enjoying each others company. Having a nice dinner then going to the hot tub for a nice relaxing soak.

  • bluebonnet58 ( 71 / M / Houston, TX )

    have dinner for conversation and then go home to take a dip in my "cold tub" an 8' diameter kiddie pool

  • johnbigjohnson ( 49 / M / Fort Worth, TX )

    going dancing and maybe a nudist camp day tripe where we swim and git some need sun

  • Naturistpar2010 ( 55 / C / Fredrikstad, Oslo )

    We tries to live by the idea, that the moment is all we have and it should be enjoyed...

  • FlaLiz ( 25 / W / Santa Monica, CA )

    First date was along time ago and to Santa monica pier with another friend and two boys that invited us out. we had fun, yes kisses at the door. NO not much more on the first please.