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  • piet4you ( 66 / M / Huldenberg, Brabant )

    Lets drop those clothes quickly

  • Curtis2010 ( 62 / M / Tonopah, AZ )

    1st dates??? Well i guess we'd all have to agree on a place to meet,whether public or private,or semi-public.We would then roll out the ground rules as to do's & don'ts,Alot would depend on the vibs that are going throug...  read more >>

  • marty29 ( 37 / M / Gympie, Queensland )

    My first date would be very nervous for me but i would take you too a nice resturant for a beautiful meal and a relaxing drink

  • laatbegonnen ( 69 / C / Aalst, Oost-Vlaanderen )

    My friend opens the front door naked. I am very nervous as it is the first time we meet. After 5 minutes I already feel comfortable enough to take off my clothes and relax. We start to touch each other softly and we both...  read more >>

  • twinklegirl ( 51 / W / Largo, FL )

    Meet for a drink then get some lunch or dinner and just get to know one another..

  • warmguy2001 ( 79 / M / Palm Springs, CA )

    Let's meet some place convenient for you, where we can talk privately, ...and get food and drinks.

  • Bobleprechaun ( 85 / M / Lihue, HI )

    It has been a long while since my first date. I think I would like to chat over a drink or coffee and then begin to kiss and proceed from there.

  • petitesf ( 58 / W / Bonaire, GA )

    Nice dinner and then long walk on the beach to get to one other

  • Funflyer2000 ( 54 / M / Waterdown, ON )

    Connection and common interests are most important. Quiet dinner, picnic at the waterfalls, walk through the park or anywhere to chat and get to know a little about each other...then take things as they come.

  • dbtucson ( 77 / M / Tucson, AZ )

    As a first date, let us just get to know eacxh other, no pre-set ideas, just as it falls.

  • dazzaboy ( 69 / M / Caloundra, Queensland )

    How about we have a candle lit dinner then a walk along the beach? Too formal for a first date? How about a coffee or a drink somewhere public and see what happens then?

  • Geezer2002 ( 83 / M / Ocala, FL )

    chat with me on silverdaddies Altho

  • coolguy60 ( 59 / M / Las Vegas, AZ )

    first we meet nice cocktail or dinner. get to know each more . going nice romantic picnic . make n love at home or pool. sometimes love nudist outdoor.

  • bevel1 ( 61 / M / Midland, MI )

    Having coffee or drinks somewhere public. WE can talk and see where it is going to lead

  • tattoopierce ( 52 / M / Belleville, ON )

    Candlelight dinner romantic evening on the beach surfs up, sand banks swimming,