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  • jgarma ( 65 / M / Nashua, NH )

    A nice slow short walk, maybe stroll on beach followed by coffee/dinner and conversation.

  • Funn1234 ( 46 / C / Payne, OH )

    Some nude beach and some sun bathing first. Some Fun on the Sue on the A ohhh L and write me. Naked is good, Toledo Ohio

  • 6969sonny ( 56 / M / West Des Moines, IA )

    This is tough but here goes: I enjoy walking by the water or in the woods. Possible even go for a late night nude walk and enjoy mother nature. Then dinner and to complete the night hang out nude someplace. Your place or...  read more >>

  • wpbnudist ( 74 / M / West Palm Beach, FL )

    Well, we'll have lots to talk about, so let's pick a nice, romantic restaurant with great chow!

  • mikey_1946 ( 72 / M / Campbellsville, KY )

    a nice quiet wak in the woods just at sunset next to a calm lake

  • skypilotpp ( 52 / M / Brunswick, GA )

    first date for people who like to be nude needs to be somewhere they can be alone and nude. a great meal, maybe go out to dance for awhile and return to be alone and nude

  • fatil53 ( 65 / W / Clarksville, TN )

    Cabin getaway, nice romantic dinner, time in the hot tub..........

  • rurulrob ( 58 / M / Halstead, England - Essex )

    Naked on a hot beach, the sun shining, the sea gently lapping at the waters edge, and the two of us lying next to one another on sunbeds each with a good book, iPod and a cold beer!

  • bigbear2133 ( 68 / C / Pittsburgh, PA )

    It be a day/evening where we get to know each other. We include picnic/dinner, quite atmosphere, and share our thoughts,passions,and why we find being nude is so fascinating.

  • leobearoz ( 55 / M / Adelaide, South Australia )

    A nice first date would be to meet at the beach about an hour before sunset... go for a walk, just chatting and getting to know each other.

  • protrajectory ( 59 / M / Seattle, WA )

    Our first toast, with some fine wine...aboard a cruise ship, headed for an exotic we can be adventurous, free and ourselves...for enjoyment.

  • Alphamail611 ( 56 / M / Abilene, TX )

    Well, most people say "dinner and a movie", or some variation thereon, right? How about a nice quiet picnic in the park, followed by a walk so we can chat, hold hands, and get to know each other?

  • norcar3 ( 58 / C / Ventura, FL )

    Meet and have coffe , dinner or a beach cocktail; to BI cumm intimate as how WE All feel !

  • gar9101 ( 76 / M / Wichita Falls, TX )

    meeting at some nice place and having a cup of coffee, and if we both like each other, then some place small and quiet place to have dinner and get to know each other a little more.

  • ROBMASCO ( 66 / C / Northridge, CA )

    At a restaraunt by the beach then a walk in the sand.