Fun Date Ideas

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  • ChinaDude616 ( 44 / M / West Hills, CA )

    First dates can be a bit anxious. Hoping things go well and dreading if they don't. I prefer getting to know people in a more relaxed way. Grabbing a tea or boba, seeing a movie, going for a walk, visiting a museum, etc...  read more >>

  • stevephoto ( 60 / M / Gardendale, AL )

    Meet at spot like Vulcan Park and view the city from the observation deck. Or, go bowing, or shooting guns at the range.

  • jazzy3098 ( 49 / M / Central Falls, RI )

    Our first date would be some place very public but not too loud. It would give us a chance to meet and get to know each other and see if we click off the site and in person. From there if it was a nice warm night maybe a...  read more >>

  • r1cksters ( 64 / M / Lake Worth, FL )

    A comfortable, mutually attractive place within reasonable agreement between us.

  • papajim ( 72 / M / Lambton Shores, Ontario )

    You, me, a bottle of wine. Wouldn't that be nice to hang out nude and enjoy.

  • luv2tannaked ( 59 / M / Minnetonka Mills, MN )

    would be to meet with a person of suitable desires, interests and stimulating conversation. Does that apply to you? Confidence , maturity, erotic smile and appetite would be great.

  • newinstl ( 47 / M / St Louis, MO )

    A nice deli somewhere in the city. I live in south city but I am open to driving.

  • halley_92701 ( 52 / W / Santa Ana, CA )

    Prefer the first date to be nude since that leads to an honest approach for everything that follows.

  • Tom_Male ( 61 / M / Waterloo, IA )

    Take a walk along the river or dinner

  • Bluey ( 54 / M / Melbourne, Victoria )

    Happy to share a beer and a relaxed chat in the nude

  • Canskin ( 64 / M / Aylmer, Quebec )

    Meet at my place for relaxing massage and take it from there.

  • terry ( 74 / M / Huntingdon, England - Huntingdonshire )

    To give a nice relaxing massage and enjoy some clothes free time with.

  • Seemorebare ( 74 / M / Green Valley, AZ )

    I would probably cook a nice meal and let the evening be the decision maker for where we go from there.

  • tazman555 ( 73 / M / Saint Francis, WI )

    walking along the shores of lake michigan or any small lake in wisconsin