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  • Richardk53 ( 60 / M / Fayetteville, AR )

    I like to get to know someone while having dinner at a nice romantic restaurant. Sitting across from each other is best because, it allows both of us to look into others eyes. So many answers we all have are answered by...  read more >>

  • lv2bnude2013 ( 65 / M / Dunlap, IA )

    Meeting over coffee and getting better acquainted or enjoying dinner/drinks and see where the evening takes us.

  • toughtoughguy ( 43 / M / Morristown, NJ )

    An adventurous picnic with a girl on a spectacular mountain top or watching the sun set and rise on a secluded beach, while having a good time and great conversation (;

  • imbare2013 ( 74 / M / Chandler, AZ )

    Depends on where my match is at. I like California (born there) and am willing to meet my match at a mutually agreeable place or venue. I also like Florida and I have travel benefits that makes meeting almost anywhere ea...  read more >>

  • jamron1917 ( 51 / M / Southall, England - London )

    take you to a hotel to wine and dine, then to a room to see you naked

  • Shay77 ( 42 / M / Mackay, Queensland )

    Spending a day at a Nudist Beach enjoying the outdoors and feeling totally stress free. While enjoying pleasurable intimate moments outdoors;-)

  • RockySinghMaddy ( 26 / M / India )

    I want to meet my date at cabin.. Where we are alone & no one there

  • CFIKnight ( 48 / M / Sacramento, CA )

    Spend the day, in the sun, by the pool, at Laguna del Sol; then around 4 PM, travel to the local airport (a few miles away), fly to Half Moon Bay, have diner at Mezza Luna, and either spend the night at Pillar Point Inn...  read more >>

  • peppit ( 45 / M / Corpus Christi, TX )

    My first date would depend on what makes my date comfortable and relaxed. An environment that we can be ourselves and not worry about first impressions but a fun and enjoyable evening.

  • Thakar ( 40 / M / India )

    Hi guys im very frndly nature person and love to make new friends

  • Cornish31 ( 36 / M / Bristol, England - Gloucestershire )

    Anywhere as long as I could chat and get to know you

  • NudistBlack ( 37 / M / Salisbury, NC )

    I would like to go on a date where we could talk and get to know each other. Then go for a walk after dinner and find out even more about each other before going to do something fun to end the night. That way she will re...  read more >>

  • IWASONLYFOOLIN ( 53 / M / Sigourney, IA )

    Romantic is fun, but so is seeing or doing something you havent done before. Im usually pretty good at coming up with creative ideas.

  • joeweber69 ( 23 / M / Danbury, CT )

    i prefer dates at my house or just having cyber sex or something on the internet so we wont forget what we were talking about :)

  • MrMknight ( 45 / M / sydney, New South Wales )

    Wearing clothes in a state of being fully dressed. Somewhere near the water during the weekday and on weekends,at night and during daylight. If it's raining,somewhere sheltered and undercover.