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    G'day to all of you down under.
    We are an ex Brit cpl that have sold our souls and have been yankiefied......well not really but there you go. Have been fortunate to have travelled the world, seen a lot and had fun. BUT we have never managed to get to OZ and NZ, so will rectify that soon.
    BUT have loads of ??? etc. Most can probably be answered by the embassy here. IE how long can we stay, can we buy a car etc, will we need to take a test.. BUT we plan a 6 month in both countries. Is it best to buy a camper and tug the bloody thing along OR just a car and stay at B & B's/ hotel/motel etc, and /or nudist clubs/campsites and rent a camper for 1/2 weeks at a time. Have had a butchers at the "official" websites for OZ/NZ and some clubs..well most actually lookquite rustic, like they were in the US in the 60's.

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    Hi there,
    do your selves a huge favour and get out of town! The "real"Australian adventure is to be had by getting out of the citys. A camper van is an ideal way to do this and sorts your accommodation in one fell swoop. You give no idea of your intended stay but an ideal two week to a month long jaunt from Melbourne via Sydney and up the coast through Brisbane and beyond to the bottom of the Barrier Reef would be very rewarding. Ill bet you will never see the like of it again. As a migrant I can attest to the great adventure along the coast. AS to nude resorts, and beaches, once you are out of town any or all of the beaches can be nude as long as you are sensible. Obviously city beaches dont hack it (you will have to head to the legal and or unofficial ones) but in the National Parks or other rural areas as long as you are discreet nobody gives a stuff. My wife & I have nude bathed up and down the coast for years (20)! We have never been hassled or troubled.
    In fact as often as not people join in albeit at a safe distance. So come on down stay a while and follow the nomads heading "up the road"!
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    hi hernandocpl

    getting some great weather here at the momment. you need to check out swanbourne beach and warnbro beach too . there a nudist beach where i am mindalong beach too well have fun
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