most of the comments are from men why Comments and Suggestions Forward to friends

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    most of the comments are from men who are the women who do nudity; Is there a problem with this page
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    I agree for this issue and I rewrote

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    I used to visit a topic entitled Extraordinary Marital Union. I made posting in it too. There were interesting postings/comments by women. But now it has been deleted somehow for reasons best known to the moderators here. Women unlike men are not that liberal when dealing with nudism and stepping out of the mainstream norms and I admired their courage in sharing what they had posted in that topic. I lament the disapperance of that topic. Anyone gone reading those entries in there? If you didn't I guessed you had miss a lot about extraordinary relationships. I hope moderators ought to have a broader view and prospective of human behavior in deciding what are not allowed in this forum which is a great way to share and exchange experience. Moderators any chance of reinstating that topic?? I think a great loss to promoting members' interest in a wide range of subjects.
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