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    Hi everyone, my names Mark. I am new to this site (although not a gold member yet) and have been a closet nudist for the past 6-7 years. Have enjoyed being naked at home or finding a remote place in the New Forest but am so glad i finally went to Eastney Beach yesterday and finally came out of the closet. I don't know what i was so afraid of or why i hadn't done this before, perhaps it all just being unknown territory to me, but am so glad i took the next step into a much happier and relaxing lifestyle. I like many other new nudists i have heard comments from was worried about if i would get an erection and offend anyone, but like i have read from others, there is nothing sexual about nudism, and nothing happened during my first experience to a nudist beach, apart from having a great chat with one of the locals who too is a naturist. I now can't wait till i go again as loved the feeling of being free without my clothes in public without having to wory about getting arrested for it, and am also now gonna be looking into a nudist swim date at a local swimming pool and also hopefully a holiday soon at a nudist camp. I look forward to talking to both people who are already nudists and people who are perhaps closets like i used to be who has concerns.
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    I too was a "closet" nudist for years; mostly at home or on vacation in my hotel/condo.  Finally decided it was time and the GF & I went to Maui and my intent was Little Beach.  The only official nude beach in Hawaii.  I told her the night before where we were going and said I'd hope she'd be nude as well.  She said I'll go topless, but not totally.  So, she wore a thong and off we went.  As we climbed over the rocks separating Big & Little beaches, she said, "have you done this before"?  I said, "nope, this is the first time, but I'm going to enjoy it".  And, we stayed for a bout 4 hours since my very "white" body started to turn a rather bright pink.  I was covered with sun block, but when you've not had an allover tan, your "bits" are rather sensative to Old Sol.  I did not have a problem with an erection and didn't see anyone that did.  Although, I did not walk down to the gay end of the beach.

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    i was as nervous as hell,that first time ,but after they dared me to drop the towel ,i just did it ,they all laughed at first then i just stayed naked it felt great

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    tgf how does mum feel about that

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    coachman, it must be great getting to walk around naked in front of family without a care in the world. so far, i walk around in front of my mom with just shorts on, but that's it. maybe it'll change someday.

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    ive been a nudist since 15,before going nude infront of my family,i used to shower with the bathroom door open ,i know my sister used to look in the door at me which i kinda enjoyed being seen nude,one day i decided to accidently on purpose, leave my towel in the lounge when i had a shower i knew my mum,sister and our next door neighbour carol were in the lounge watching tv  .When ifinished showering i walked naked into the lounge just wiyh my hands covering my manhood.mum said what are you doing?why are you naked? i said sorry i forgot my towel its on the airer.My sister said well go get it then ,carol said dont worry about me love.With that i walked across the lounge grabbed my towel and drapped it over my front . When i turned to face them ,Carol said weve allseen your bum now why dont you drop that towel and show us everything?mum and my sister both said bet you dont ,you wont dare! And with that i dropped my towel giveing them all a good look  .i then sat down between my sister and carol.Since that day i go naked at home all the time ,even when my sister has all her friends around,ill come in and strip off infront of them
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    P.S. Sorry for babbling on there on my first post lol
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