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    I don't plan on starting a family anytime soon. But I still think about what life will be like, and there are some problems that keep popping up.

    I grew up in a non-nudist family. Even though we were okwith seeing each other naked (like walk to my room after a bath), being nude other wise was not ok.

    I plan on owning my own house with a big private yard and everyhting. And would be happy if my whole family could go naked all day, but I know that we have to get out eventually.

    My questions concern the children (that I will have).

    I know they will be ok with being nude around the house if they grow up like that. But I'll have friends and family every now and then, during which they'll have to wear clothes.
    How do you let them know that its ok to be naked sometimes, but they have to wear clothes at other times and not feel wrong?

    How do you parents who have been through it before, handle the school phase? Did your children go to school and blab about what happens at home? How do you handle or prevent this?

    What will they be like in the "akward" teenage phase? Will they feel weird being nude around thier parents?

    I think that haveing a "clothing optional" house would help with all these problems.
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    how one starts and raises a family should be a private matter.  Yes, it seems that the majority thinks badly of a family.  How I raise my family is none of anyone elses business.  It's not hurting or affecting them.  I was raised in a nudist environment and my family has been raised the same way.  Openess within the family is a normal thing and none of anyone elses business

  • View author's info Posted on Sep 09, 2010 at 07:20 PM

    im only new to being a nudist and therefor my kids dont really have a problem being so young but i think that is how it would work best introducing it to them at a young age so as that they grow thinking its the normal and its ok... if u wait to long they will just think u are wierd lol anyways best of luck i hope it works out for u
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