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    Finally was able to go to a nudist resort. Went to Lakel Como here in Florida. Had a great time! Everyone was very accepting. I was worried, especially as a single guy, but that quickly went away. Also was expecting to be on of the few 'younger' ones there, but that wasn't the case either. There were probably more of the older ones, but it wasn't nearly like I was expecting. Can't wait to go back, and wish I lived closer lol. 

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    I remember my first naturists naked experience it's turning me on now I'm getting off on it as I'm playing with myself.I got to the beach what I had my rucksack with me be my tent close food quarter everything in it was heavy I want to learn the beach didn't realise I found the nature of speech as I didn't see the same but I just worked up to where they was quite a few naked people in one main spot of the beach later on I realised that was the beginning of the naturist beach.I just got in the middle of the naked people might have collected in that part of the beach it was only a Small PartI actually just watch straight through and drop my bag down quickly and I was about 8 metres away from two beautiful ladies sunbathing naked.every looked at me with the pace I worked in the way of doing things down as I was really tired and it was heavy weightand I was a single guy I obviously have purposely going towards the girls so I could be closer to them.I did really well I got to the part where it was my first time to strip off in public but I didn't allow myself to think about it to get nervous I just started to take my clothes off.took everything off including my sucks I was just left in my jeans on and I did it start to get slightly nervous which even worse when I realise people were looking at me and realise it was my first time and I was being nervous and I was backing out and I was wondering whether I would do it I knew I was in the show.I'm up to my rucksack for what I don't know I was just doing something there this after the third time I stood up and looked and one of the two females that was close to me to turn down the side give me a better view plastic pussy and breast to me and a beautiful slender body and I found out I just took my jeans off on my underwear and I was stood there beautiful and naked with my cock hanging out in front of a beautiful female in his asshole naked if firm ample brass and lovely juicy pussy I just switched off still there and forgot about everybody else looking at me he was around me and just looked at her and then looked at her pussy and she smiles and she looks at me and they felt very horny very sexy I was naked she was looking at me I was absolutely loving it and I was loving it she was loving it she was showing herself as I was sewing myself out of my first time it was difficult but I did well firstly by myselflooking to go back to North Wales naturist beach as soon as summer comes back

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