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    Hi to everyone, I love to be naked around my home and any other chance i get, I confess that ive been to a few saunas etc and I always get excited and yes it pops up !
    My question is, is it acceptable/legal whilst on a beach to have an erection, Im not the type to stand waving my bits, and i will look very funny if i only have a tanned back !
    Ive tried to compose myself etc and it only gets worse,Please help and tell me if there is something i can do to help me when in public as i do get embaressed by it
    Cheers John
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    Quoting oldegrumpy:

    Wish I could get a erection !!

    You keep mentioning this problem. Have you tried Cialis, or Viagra? Maybe you shold ask your Doctor for a presription.

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    Wish I could get a erection !!

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    About a year ago I had dozed off and when I woke, had a huge erection. There were a couple of young ladies just off to the side of me and embarressed I rolled over and apoligised to them. They just giggled and said, no apology necessay. It looks wonderful. Being in my sixties, I took that as a compliment lol. We chatted for about an hour after that and it kind of excited me that they had seen me with a hard on.
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    Been there, done that.  Spent 10 days in St. Maarten and it was great.  It was my wife's and my first social nudest experience.  We have gone nude on our farm many times, long walks
    in the nude around the farm but there was never anyone around then.  I want to go back as soon as we can afford it again.
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    çok normal biz bu dünyaya çıplak geldik utanmıyoruz bu dünyadan ereksiyon da normal
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    I am interested in Surfergirls comment. Do women enjoy seeing erections at naturist venues.
    I have been involved in the social side of naturism for over 6 years, and naturism for over 20 years. Never had an erection problem. Once felt the first twitchings realised what was happening and simply changed the focus of my attention.
    Cool water tends to be a good cure for unwanted erections. How you view women can help too.
    In non sexual situations as all naturist activities are or should be, if you simply treat the women with respect and as human beings instead of sex objects, concentrate on what they have to say, look at their faces when they are talking. Then an erection will not happen.
    Isn't it about time we learned to treat each other as human beings. For so long there has been such an obsession with turing women into sex objects, it makes you wonder what the feminist movement was all about. Women can't breast feed their babies without somebody getting upset about seeing an exposed breast. 
    Naturism is liberating, and should remind you of what we all have in common, we are all human beings. Nobody is an object. We all deserve to be treated with respect.
    rant over. enjoy the sun.
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    Just relax and it will eventually go away on its own. It isn't unusual for someone to be sporting an erection the first time or two they go to the beach or a club. If it continues to happen you'll get a reputation as an undesirable pretty quickly, most of the clubs in our part of the country will allow you some cool down time and if you can't, you get your money back and an escort out. They aren't being mean about it, it's just not the right setting for many of the guests to see that.
    Read up what the AANR and similar groups have to say on the subject. Several have tips to help you learn to control your reaction and minimize the time it stays that way when the inevitable happens.
    Barring that, try taking care of it at home before you go somewhere.  You may still get erect when in nude company, but it shouldn't be as prominent or as lasting.

    Biggest "trick" to dealing with it? Accept that it happens, don't worry about it. Once you get comfortable being nude around others, it will stop happening. Trust me, I started going to nude venues when I was 20...
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    Lighthouse Beach which is at Robert Mosses State Park. You will really enjoy it.
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    Was in St. Martin this spring and spent a lovely few hours at Orient Beach.  Going there I was concerned with the erection "issue".  After losing my bathing suit and walking the beach I had no issues with anything coming up.  It all seemed so "natural" to me.  That said, I did have a great chat with a very nice woman as she sat in her lounge chair and I was standing nd not even then did i get an erection.  It for me anyway, is more a natural than sexual state ... being at the nude beach I mean.
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    Hey I'm going to a nudist beach for the first time next week
    On long island . I'm hoping that I can keep the erection down. I'm always erect so I know I will have problems . Lol but I guess the longer I'm there the less effect it will have. I'm hoping
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    If you just think that its a normal beach and try not to look at others then you'll be fine. Take a good book and sit up rather than lie down. Once you are relaxed then lie down. I often go to the nudist beach, mainly without problems, but 2 days ago 2 gorgeous spanish girls arrived on the beach and camped next to me. Must confess I did get slightly aroused. I think they noticed as they smiled, but they probably also thought proud and happy that they had that affect on me. I made my way to the water, half mast, to cool down. The girls smiled when I returned then carried on chatting as if nothing happened.  It happens to all us red blooded males, and to be honest, the feeling of a nice hard erection in the sunshine is amazing. Stand proud and enjoy.
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    stop thinking about it.. just relax enjoy the sea air and sunshine. Allow your mind to breathe the sea air..
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    An erection is so natural, dont be sucha  prude aboyut it! Who cares if people see your erection, just go on and forget about it!

    Your making it a big deal, and it is not.
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