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    How frustrating is it when you enjoy nudist activities and vacations but your mate/significant other doesn't?  What are the options?  Honesty and open communication is very important in relations, but how can one enjoy nudism when their mate isn't with them?  What are your thoughts?
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    I am new to this site so maybe little late adding my 2 dimes (inflation) worth!
    I had exactly the same problem I wanted to go to a nudist resort and my wife said absolutely no way!  Once we had an empty nest I immediately stayed nude at home most of the time.  I wanted her know I really prefer to be nude.  It didn't take her very long before she also remained undressed.  We were at home nudist a couple of years before I suggested visiting a nudist colony. I know a colony is for ants but that is what we called it then.
    I would occassionally risk going outside nude after dark. The closest I ever got having my wife outside after dark she wore a robe and untied it exposing herself to me. I really enjoyed the fresh cool air on my entire skin.  Now I wanted to experience being nude outside during daylight.    Her 4 biggest concerns were:  I wanted to look at other women naked, then compare her to them, possible orgies and finally she was very uncomfortable being naked in public.  Now if any of the first 3 are true I suggest you hire a good lawyer.
    Now assuming you are not wanting to go for ex-martial sex , now you must sell your wife that her fears and concerns are unfounded.  I went to the AANR website and printed off articles written by women explaining most family type nudist camps are safe and not orgies.  We had several discussions over many months and she read the articles. She finally agreed to visit a camp on a visitors week-end. Women are strange, her first question was how many people will be there.  Of course I assumed she would want as few as possible, actually the opposite was true the more people the less noticed she would be.  I made two promises if she was not ready to go nude she could remain dressed just allow me to be nude.  If she did go nude remain nude for 1 hour and at that time if she was still uncomfortable we would immediately leave and never return.  I do not remember the exact time but she quickly removed her clothing and we stayed the entire week-end.  Once she saw I was not staring at other women and there were no overt sexual conduct she relaxed and enjoyed it.   
    Also after she saw how much I enjoyed it and how relaxed I was she agreed to return.  She said she could take or leave it but returned because of how much I wanted it.  Once there she also relaxed I think she enjoyed it just would not admit it. 
    Finally; your wife may never agree with you about going nude.  I hope you value her and your marriage to not let  this issue come between you it is not worth it.
    Now a more personal note: My wife, Nancy, had a serious body image to overcome. She had polio as a child and used a wheelchair.  She never had a great body but her personality shined like the sun. A stranger was a friend she had not met yet!  Nancy also had a mastectomy and we still went to a nudist camp ground.  She wanted to go to a nice resort with a hotel and hot water unfortunately we never did go.   Fifteen years later she had a second  mastectomy and that was too much to overcome we stopped going to nude camp grounds.   My best friend and wife for 43 years died on March 2, 2013.  Now she is gone but never forgotten. I want to return to camping in the nude this summer.     
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    mmm definitely a hard one to answer.
    Guess it comes down to how accepting the other is and how trusting, there is nothing wrong being naked.
    Hope you will be able to arrange your mate joining you, doesn't have to be nude and sharing what you enjoy. If not guess you need to find a time out to be nude, which your mate is agreeable too.
    Nothing ever should be concealed from your mate/friend must be always open.
    The only way to have a good relationship.
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