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    You can say I've been a closet nudist for some time now.  When I'm all alone, I like to walk around my place in nothing but my birthday suit.  I have to be carefull so that my neighbors did not see me.  Everyone has the right be be clothes or not, that's all I have to say.  Yet, I never been around other people nude like me before.  Found a nudist club near my area and made up my mind to go there.  I was scared, for many reasons.  I'm not the most well built guy there is, adn I'm a young guy too and girl there...I'll stop there.  But when I arived there, it was kind of nice.  Everyone was friendly, and welcoming it was kind of cool.  The only down side is that I was alone this whole time so I did not get the chance to meet anyone else before I left.  Would like to go back, but this tiem bring a friend or two with me (and sunblock lots of it too).  Make a day out if.  Have any else exprece the same thing?
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    You have absolutely nothing to be scared or embarassed about. You're a beautiful young man. After you get used to it, you won't be shy to meet others. Just remember, you won't be judged by the way you look but rather the way you choose to act. Bad behaviour and poor manners get you sidelined. A genuine interest in others and being honest and a gentleman will definitely win you friends.


    Remember, cast of your doubts with your clothes, and enjoy the freedom responsibly!

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    Well built has nothing to do with it.

    Take Ur courage with U and take Ur clothes OFF.  It is a great experience to be nude with other Nudists.  U R NOT an Exhibitionist; U R a Nudist.  OK?  Understand that.  If U get a "stiffy", so what?  Nudity is natural, not an embarrisment. 

    Take care and stay bare.................

  • View author's info Posted on Aug 22, 2013 at 05:31 PM

    I wish everyone was nude

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