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    While I had travelled to Europe and enjoyed the openness of Wellness Centres and bath houses, my wife had not experienced a clothing-optional resort until we visited Terra Cotta in Palm Springs in 2000. She finally relented (for my birthday) with me promising that if she didn't like it, we would leave.
    We arrived late in the evening when no one was around, enjoyed a dip in the pool and then basically hid in our room until morning. Once she gor over the shock of others roaming around nude and not paying any attention to us, she slowly dropped her cover-up and relaxed. We met an older couple on the first day who have become lifelong friends, and we meet back at the Terra Cotta during the same week each year.
    We have since visited Laguna Del Sol (Sacramento), Mira Vista (Tuscon), Hidden Beach (Mexico), Caliente (Florida) and Club Fantastico (St Martin).
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    I envy you. I wish my wife would join me when I visit my favorite resort. She doesn't know what she is missing.
    Just walking through the woods naked, is enough to convert.

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