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    I guess I was thirteen the first time I went swimming nude. I had other chances but passed as I didn't like the place my friends wanted to swim. It was a pond near a sewage treatment plant and the holding tanks were always overflowing into it. My pals did swim in it and that evening, none of them were allow to come out after supper, they were all grounded and the next day they were all quarentined. It seems most of them had accidentaly swallowed some of the water and it made them so sick the had to go to their doctors or the local ER. While they were down sick, no one was allowed to visit them in fear of them getting sick too. I had a loney few days until they were better.
      My next experiance was when a friend from up the street ask me to go swimming at the Boys Club with him and his brother. We got to the club and when I took out a pair of swimming pants, I was told I didn't need them as they would swim naked. Sure enough, the lifeguard made me remove the pants before I got in the water. It was fun and there was a lot of pointing and laughing at some of the guys who werent that well endowed, hell, we were only eleven and twelve years old.
      My next outdoor nude swim was a few summers later and me and some guys rode our bikes out to a section of river that didn't move too fast and wasn't that deep. I didn't know how to do much more that dog paddle around, so this was good. As we were swimming, some older guys and their girlfriends came and undressed a had a swim before running us away. We left and once we were up on the bridge above them we knew why they wanted us gone. They were making out in the shallow water.
      Later that same summer, I found out by accident that my friends and their parents went over to a nude resort, camps they called them then, and spent the weekend there. One weekend my friends mom talked to my mom and I was allowed to go along with them. My friends mom sure  was built and so was his slightly younger sister. I saw so many different shape, size and color ( hair color) on the men and women. I was told by my friends Mom and Dad not to tell anyone else and My Mom told me the same. I sure would have loved to see the teachers face the first day of school whhen we gave the ol' What I Did On My Summer Vacation Speech LOL
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    my first expierence was a little over a week ago i went on a girls night out with some girls from work and ended up having a little too much to drink and took part in a strip contest wher i won 500 dollars iby winning second place
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    My first expierence I had just turned 13 and had a crush on a girl named Patsy in my science class.  One day I got eh courage to ask her if I coulod walk her home after school. She smiled and said yes so after school i took her books and we went to her house.  She toleme she wanted to go swimming and asked me if I wanted to go, i told her i did not have a swim suit seh said no problem and told me to follow her we ended up in her bedroom and she asked me ot unzip her blouse. I was nervious and she a then told me that her and here family went skinny dipping all the time as she took all her clothes off. It was ther first time i ever saw a naked girl and i got embrassed she told me to relax and take off my clothes  when i was down to my shorts i said i think i better not she laughed adn reached over and pulled them off.  WE got in hte pool and were swimming wehn her 19 year old sister came in anjoined us  we swam till it was tim for me to go home. the next day i went back to her house and  every day after that one weekend her mom and dad joined us in the pool before long we were naked everytime i went over and i lerned a lot about nudity and sex that summer
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