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    Why don't people respond to emails/winks even if to say no thanks. I try to be genuine and say nice things but very few take the time or effort to reply. I've had my moan !!! If it carries on I am going to leave this site.....sadly
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    When one is in the "normal" world, he/she can be profiled: job, clothes, speech, etc. 
    When you take most of that away, there is little by which to judge someone.
    The inability to be profiled is at once an advantage of Naturism; however, the down side is not connecting.
    My own goal is to find a find a woman friend.
    There should be a more defined process to connect, which would then encourage interaction, which would then lead to a more fulfilling experience. I don't know what that process is.
    You may just need luck.
    So,  I let it be known: (a) I am available for hiking; (b) I am not a predator; (c) I am not angry; (d) I am straight; (e) I am not a "loner," but am genuinely interested in connecting. And I am interested in the long view. I am on this site, because in the real world, one generally, initially, cannot ask a woman if she likes  to get naked, although I did just that last year and she said yes and we spent the day hiking and swimming at Sunny Rest in Eastern PA. Luck. And good, clean fun. My sense is that that experience with her may have been a one-shot deal but I am still friends with her. Over time, there may or may not be a future and there may be Naturism in it. She is finishing a divorce. 
    So, I am hoping meanwhile a nice, friendly petite woman 44-55 on this site reads this and decides to contact me, because I am available for more good, clean fun.
    Thank you for your attention.
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    I think everyones in the same boat . Ive been a gold member for two months , and must have sent at least 30 e mails and maybe 50 winks nothing . It appears that no matter how nice , friendly and genuine you are , most of the women on this site are looking for Tom Cruise or George Clooney , ie a romantic ideal , rather than a reality .

    None of us are perfect , i certainly dont pretend to be . I also think many people on this site are using it for sexual contacts and are not genuine naturists . I doubt very much whether 3/4 of the people on here have ever been to a naturist beach or a nudist resort in there lives .  

    My message to you is , dont hold out much hope , if you do happen to get a message back then your  very lucky . But good luck anyway .

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     have the same problem. I answer an e-mail and a wink the next day. I do not see why others take a long time to answer. Also I e-mailed a woman for a week and then she stoped and did not give me an answer. Others also get deleted. This is a good question to ask.




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    I'm not sure why either, I've sent out a few winks as well in the hope of meeting like minded people so far I've only had one reply which is a bit sad as my wife and I are really hopeing to enlargen our circle of nudist friends.
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    I too have had no response from any of the winks I have sent... Yes, I am free member, so I can't send emails or personalize winks, so I realize this limits things somewhat, but I have had not one wink since I have been a member of this site..... Have sent many, have gotten none... Just looking to make new friends, but I guess other people are either not interested or not real.....
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    well mabey your sending to non-gold members. we cant really reply.

    I have gotten 2 winks from one person, i didnt reply to the first one. it seems like just saying 'hi, i liked something you said in a post' ... well at least for me.

    i replied to the second one, because then it looks like more than that.

    mabey you should send another
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    I think that there was an unfortunate amount of people here who ruined peoples' confidence by looking for something a bit more than "nudist friends"