Looking for west TN friends. nude friends and more Forward to friends

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    Haven't found many naturists here in the sw TN area. We're a married couple, 39 and 49, not looking for swingers or the like. Just some people to kick back, relax, have a few beers or whatever. We love to fish, garden, hike, ride motorcycles, go camping. Just regular people who enjoy being nude and miss the beach we used to go to out west.

    We're usually nude at the house and in our garden. We don't travel very far anymore, too rough on my bad back.

    It makes no difference to us your orientation, age, gender, race, religion, body type, etc.
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  • View author's info Posted on Oct 16, 2011 at 08:06 PM

    Hi Peter.

    Photos for us aren't possible, Lisa has a security sensitive job, I have to go in and out of government facilities from time to time at mine.

    We live on 54 acres about an hour north east of down town Memphis TN. 1841 plantation manor home we are in the process of restoring (her father lives there), with 20'x40' in ground pool (restoration project). We have an onsite caretaker, life long naturist, who is waiting for his stuff to catch up to him (moved here from Seattle), hot tub is in his stuff. Adding a larger sauna/steam room. The combination swimming and fishing pond is 2 acres at full capacity. BBQs and fire rings are being added to the pond banks, the docks are being replanked and a swim float is getting added.

    We're even opening up a few garden beds for people who want to try their hands at that. Next year's commercial produce beds should cover close to 4 acres. About 2/3 of which is not visible from the road.

    In a year or so we will be adding platforms for cabin tents and a couple yurts. TN doesn't have a whole lot in the way of naturist friendly locales, especially family friendly locales, we're hoping to become one.

    Thought I had filled in all the pertinents on the profile, I'll have to double check it. Thanks for the heads up.

    Same offer applies to you two, if you are ever up this way, look us up.
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