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    Ian E read Tan #33 and reply to feedback. First 2 postings.

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    Ian. We waited for your reply to come to our BBQ. The group was interested to hear from the FBA representitave for the CQ area. We are more than free beaches even though we do want them.
    Farnborough south of Bangalee has been 4$4 free for over a year and there is no shade on the beach itself. Tanby will be lost if that resort development takes place.
    As I said before If you had responded when TAN hit the shelfs You would have been a lot wiser to the facts and even had a lot of input. You have already put us in your slot as being momophobic and single haters. WRONG. We would welcome you even if you were puple with yellow spots. We do not discriminate.

    You must also appreciate that contrary to your belief groups to take a bit of time to set up and create their own identity. We are getting there. If you see Rocky Suns Naturist Group, Thats us.
    Aslo another point you have stated that no one has asked to to join their group at the beach. How many times have you approached anybody and said "hey Lets start a FBA branch here on Tanby/Farnbro beach?
    "My group" was a shortened down version of "The group that I am part of"
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 15, 2007 at 12:52 AM

    I beg to differ.
    As to being genuine or not, how many names of resorts, clubs etc would you like me to provide that I have attended?
    How many ANF conventions have you attended?
    Are you a member of any organised group such as Free Beaches? I am.
    I have been a nudist since I was 16 yo.
    When I go to Farnborough Beach I don't hide in the dunes.
    When I go to Tanby and that has been at least a couple of times in the period you mention prior to Xmas, there was NO-ONE for all intents and purposes on the beach. On the rare and I mean rare occasion there has been maybe 5 people
    no-one has approached me to say " Hey, we have a group going, would you like to join us?" In fact they go to the far end of the beach. On one occasion when I did approach a couple to inform them of some deviant activities further up the beach they refused to talk to me stating they wanted to be left alone.
    Fine, I said but tell that to the cops when someone from the houses on the point call and report the goings on.
    You treat me like I have never been to the beach before. I have been many times when the weather has been perfect yet I have been the only one there.
    You posted a message to others informing them "my group" would not be at the beach last weekend as if you were the only ones in CQ who go to the beach.
    Get a grip, pull your head out of the sand and try not to be so imposing.
    And as to whether or not I post a picture that is entirely up to me.
    I don't know how many people recognise your butt, because they sure can't see your face. How genuine is that?
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 12, 2007 at 11:25 PM

    Ian we are a none discriminatory nudist couple and there are others in the CQ area who are the same. If you keep a look out and your wits about you Tanby is almost perfect. There are trees to sit/lie under by the beach and good vision in all directions.
    The only shade at Farnborough is in the dunes. That means you can not see the beach and could easily be 'sprung'. Last week end there were 5 nudists (4 guys and one girl) at Farnborough. Guess what other folks must think seeing this happen. 4 guys and 1 girl just disapearing into the dunes to pop out again after a couple of hours.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 12, 2007 at 04:53 AM

    Ian Youv'e got an email. For all others please read feedback in TAN#33 and contact me. None of my group will be at the beach as we have a nude function to go to on sunday 14th. Our group has been going from the first sunday TAN hit the newsagents on the 17th November and has been at the beach every Sunday since then. Look what you have been missing out on
    It seems that certain people whinge about no nudist group in CQ area but are not interested in getting off their sarses and doing something. Even as simple as replying to feedback (TAN).
    There was also critisisim of the old CNSG being for couples only but from responses to the feedback I have met the last president of CSNG and he is a single.

    PS How about a photo to show you are genuine.
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 02, 2007 at 03:38 AM

    Hi there have been other groups in CQ who in the main have catered for couples and sometimes families. They have not welcomed singles yet on the rare occasion when they have attempted to gain support for a nude beach they have asked for assistance from singles so long as they keep to their end of the beach.
    Despite these groups and the potential numbers of local nudists very few, and I mean few, less than a dozen, frequent the local beaches.
    When they do they can't put enough distance between them and the next person/s.
    If you want to get a creditable group going can I suggest joining the Free Beach Association, and possibly we could begin to stake a claim to a beach that it largely unused by anyone let alone nudists, Farnborough Beach.
    Tanby Beach is fast becoming built out and I don't think if legal beaches do become a reality that Tanby could ever be seriously considered given the nunnery at one end and the school camp at the other, although both have co-existed with the nudists up till now.
    What you reckon?