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    I grew up with my mom and her wife, we were all nudists. Nudity was the norm around the house and sex, masturbation, etc were often seen as we had an open door policy. I would like to hear from other nudists who have had the same experiences and what their thoughts are on being so open. I was always permitted to see anything I wished and ask any questions I wished if I was curious. Thoughts anyone?
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    that is wonderful great for both of you

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    Me my mom and sister started going naked after mom and dad divorced. We had an open door policy. I often saw my mom with her dates and watched. My sister and I both learned a lot from watching mom.


    I raised my daughter the same way she saw me naked all the time I hid nothing from her.

    When she got curious I let her explore.


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    I'm in a similar household right now

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    I think there are several degrees of openness, ranging from open doors - to not hiding from much more "explicit" situations.


    For my own family, things evolved quite naturally over time.  It all started with me being naked at home, even after my daughter was born.  My wife at that point was okwith bathroom and bedroom open doors; but nothing beyond that.  She changed her mind over time and started being nude at home, more openly, more often.  When she got to the point where she would undress after coming home and hang out naked, we had a talk about how "far" we wanted to go with family nudity.  And we agreed to make it a full part of our lifestyle.  And so we started staying naked when we were at home.  Our daughter took to it easily.

    And so our daughter grew up being naked with Mom and Dad.  When she got curious about "anatomy matters", we were able to answer her questions honestly and naturally.  But she never saw us having sex or me having an erection.  Genitals were off limits.  Obviously there was occasional genital contact or ending up in "awkward positions" when we play-wrestled naked; but other wise that just wasn't a part of our chosen "nudist way."


    I once talked to a nudist father who took a different approach.  He had a boy and a girl.  Erections weren't hidden at all.  As a matter of fact he recounted to me that his daughter used to draw on and tie ribbons around her brother's genitals.   He took it as natural playfulness.  

    His family used to bond by having family full-body massages.  No body part was off limits.

    A friend of mine who had a young son would takes baths with him and let him wash her entire body, vagina included.  Her philosophy was that no body part should be hidden or off limits. 


    I'm not being judgmental here; just contrasting the different levels of openness.  I actually found the other people's takes on genitals not being off-limits - or "taboo" - interesting and food for thought even if I instinctually didn't feel comfortable with it myself.

    At the end of the day it's about what's natural for the family.  I won't be the judge of when 'too far" happens; just that you have to keep the child's "normal" sexual development in mind.  

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    You grew up in the perfect household, long may the tradition carry on in your family.

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    I was raised in a nudist home and we definitely had an open door policy.  The facts of life were never kept a secret from my brother and I and mom and dad were always happy to lend a helping hand.  It was a great way to grow up and I am so happy to provide the same environment for my 12 year son!

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    If you are brought up in an environment that is open to all and everything, then everything will be normal and be as it should.  I grew up that way an so did my family.  No shame and no embarrassment.  It's all just natural

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    Quoting bt00052000:

    My daughter and I are very open about everything and are usually nude at home.No closed doors.

    i agree.  How lucky you daughter enjoys nudity as all kids/families should.  Enjoy it man.


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    you are so lucky to have a daughter who loves nudity

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    My daughter and I are very open about everything and are usually nude at home.No closed doors.

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    hi Kelly. the more i travelled in the last 10 years the more i found that your story is so common. from the people who talked about it, and from the realisation that it is so common but so many don't talk about it. life is too short to hide, and families should spend time together and not feel that they want to take their natural needs and natural repsonces just to an outside the family situation. both are natrually developing of more and friendlier groups, and open groups who mix with other groups. this is how we learn each other and about ourselves. you are so happy with your experience, and so good to share it here with us. Hugs, from me 39, and Zhi, 24. (see profile).

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    In my thirties in england i met a man on a nudist beach. Over a few weeks he introduced me to his wife. We spent some pleasant times together. Once in a while they would appear with their children, two boys 15 and 13 and a girl 14. I eventually got invited to their home. Everybody was nude and it turned out that they had no closed doors. It was common to see the boys with erections and dad sometimes as well.
    There was no problem with the children seeing us have sex. Mum was quite open to having sex at any time and any where. As they got to know me it became common for masturbation between us. This progressed to oral gratification thoughout the family.
    I eventually moved but kept in touch. They all did well at school and college and have good jobs.
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    Fully agree with you. All aspects of the human body, functions and desires are completely natural, so should always be in the open and all queries answered.
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    Not at home but with my grandparents.
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    Yung Kelly,,can I adopt you??  You an the baby are so cute, I just want to hug you both!!!

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    I'm just happy someone finally

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    I think if more people experienced this kind of a home life, it would make families stronger. I'm totally open to it and think hiding your body or closing the door sends children the wrong message.
    I've always been very open about my body and know that when I was young, I was very curious and eager to learn. Growing up nudity was normal to see but the openness wasn't there to ask questions.
    I will be different with my kids (when I have them ;) because I think they should learn at home rather than from someone that doesn't respect them, their desired pace for learning or their limits. They should learn from someone that they trust not to hurt them or lie to them. Nudity has always been the way I prefer to live and vacation when possible.
    I enjoy talking with others that find family nudity, openness and close family relationships a good thing.
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    i had a similar experiance growing up and i thought it was great... we had no secrets and and really close relationship with each other... i think its great u had the same up brining...
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