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    I was working for a car rental agency in Ft.Lauderdale and one night a couple came in and as I filled out the rental form, the girl ask if there was a nude each or resort around. I ahd heard of Seminol Nudist camp out in Davie, so I told her about it. Later the Wash Ramp attendant and I were talking about how the gal would look nude and he said there was a section of beach just south of the entrance to Port Everglades where people went nude and the cops didn't bother them.  A couple of mornings later, I was so hot after work, I worked the Graveyard Shift, I thought Id see what the place was like. I had to go down to the Dania Pier and then drive north on the road into John LLoyd Park. About halfway to the cut into the port was a turnoff and small parking area. I stopped and took off everything except my boxers and walked toward the sound of the surf. Not to far along the path, I saw a girl sitting on a towel and she was nude and breast feeding her baby. She told me that from there on I didn't need the shorts, so I took them off. She smile and I walked on. Off the path were some beat down areas and as I past one, I knew how they got beat down. There was a couple,one male and one female I hoped, going at it like no tommorow. I moved on and down to where the tide had carved a shallow channel and left a  pool of water. It was about six feet deep, so I walked in and swam around a bit. I had learned to swim one night when I had sat on the beach near an apartment we stayed in and I had drank a six pack and as I walked around the pool at the apartment, I tripped and fell in the deep end. I didn't yell for help but began to kick my feet and use my arms to pull me into the shallow end and out. The next few days I practiced and one of the other tenant would tell me how to make it easier to do. I stayed in the water on the beach for a while and then walked out to the actual beach and into the light surf and swam a bit then walked up the beach to a shower that was there for the park goers and showered off most of the salt water and sand and put my boxers on and walked to my car the girl was still there and she ahd the baby laying in the shade as she read a book. I guess she was acting as a lookout. I got in my car and had just got to the parking area at the Pier and I saw six police cars turn up the road to the place I had just left. I saw on the evening news and read in the next days newspaper that the cops had arrested ten people for Indecent Exposure and Public Nudity. I later heard from the guy at work that no one got a fine and the cops were leaving them alone again.
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    My first time was almost my last one.  I was working in SF and heard about Baker Beach.  I asked around and found it.  Went down and enjoyed some company.  2 dudes filled me in on the rules and some lack of rules...but failed to tell me the boundries.  After laying out for a few hours I decided to go for a walk.  Went on the rocks and then followed the waters edge.
    After walking a few minutes a couple of asian girls ran up to me and asked to pose with me in very limited english.  They were clothed and after a few pics they giggled off.  I began to notice I was the only nude beach walker? I was approached again by some asian girls and again nno english but from sign language I gathered they wanted some pics of me and pics of me erect.  We faced the bay and one of the 3 girls began to stroke me and I was erect in seconds flat.  After many various pics I started walking back to where I came from.
    As I neared the nude area a ranger looking guy (uiform) informed me that I must stay within the boundries of the nude area and not to walk into the regular beach.  I explained it was my first visit and that I didnt know.  He said there were numerous complaints and that I had to leave.
    Lucky for me I found Boony Doon and Red white and blue days later.  Too bad rwb got shut down.
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    Mi primera vez fue por casualidad.Tenia 15 años y las hormonas disparadisimas,como todo adolescente,y decidimos ir a una playa nudista a ver nudistas.Cuando llegamos nos tumbamos en las toallas,eso si con bañador,y al de un rato de estar asi decidi quitarmelo e irme al agua ante las risas del resto de mis amigos y amigas.En cuanto senti esa gran sensacion de nadar desnudo en el agua,me d cuenta de lo que me habia estado perdiendo durante tantos años. Pero la sensacion fue mejor al tumbarme y notar el calor del sol donde nunca hasta ahora me habia dado.Les comente a mis amigos que se animaran y fue solamente una chica la que lo hizo y desde ese momento ni ella ni yo hemos vuelto a ir a la playa con ropa.
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    My first time at a nude beach. I walked over to the nude beach side. I saw everyone was nude. Some said nude people do not have pockets. So I took off my swim suit. I go hard and some women said wow. So I went into the ocean to relax. When I was relaxed I layed down on my towel and got a sun tan all over. This was my first time at a nude beach.
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    My first time was at a small area in the dunes at a beach in Northumberland. I went with my girlfriend at the time, as she wanted to try it out. We were alone and enjoying being alone but liked that others might come along too. An hour or so later, a head popped up in the long grass. I was unsure how to deal with the strange man watching us sunbathe, so I discreetly told my gf. She looked and laughed and then asked if I minded hrr rolling onto her back to see what he did. I shyly agreed and watched as she turned her front upwards gor him. As I glanced up again, I noticed a second man, a lot closer and not well hidden at all. This second man asked if he could sit down with us and I left it up to my girlfriend to answrr - I'd have happily said no as I'd never been in this situation. So she said sure, if you like. He sat on the sand and started asking about us and seemed friendly. He told us how the place was known for single men cruising for others and hoping to spy on a lady or two. As we chatted, we both became relaxed and enjoyed the company of someone genuine. I mean sure, he looked at my bits a few times and even more at my girlfriend's, but he's human, right? I know we both noticed his manhood. Natural and harmless. So, then I told him the first guy was still there, standing a bit closer now, and was staring at our new friend's body. He laughed it off and soon after he left us. So did the voyeur. Shortly after we were heading down the dunes to the sea, when I heard moaning. We knew something sexy was going on, so agreed to have a look. It was thr two guys and they were certainly having fun! Intrigued, my gf asked me if we could spy a little longer. Our new friend heard and told us we could come closer. We did and they enjoyed the audience. I went to the sea and my gf watched them finish. When we finally went back to the car, we couldnt keep our hands off eachother! My first visit was nothing as Id expected, but I think I enjoyed it. We went back once with nobody else around and just chilled. Ive been back on my own dince we split up, just to be naked in the sun snd I love it. Sure, these infamous single men try their luck, but Im just there to sunbathe and maybe chat again. Im actually quite relieved that I havent witnessed any more action!
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    One year we were vacationing in Fort Lauderdale and was told about Haulover Beach, the only legal nude beach in South Flordia.  So the wife and I drove down to the beach and noticed many people, young and old laying out and walking on the beach, totally nude.  We soon took all are clothes off and enjoyed a beautiful sunny beach on our blanket. A nude  couple laying next to us offered us some water and snacks. We spent the afternoon with them. My wife was very confortable being nude in front of people. She enjoyed looking at naked men and woman and found it stimulating. Back in the car parking lot, the events of the day made her very sexual and I gladly took care of her sexual needs.  Later on, we made plans to visit the park again, in fact we were there each day for tne rest of the week.
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