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    First time nude expierience was in France. I studied there and my girl friend visited me. We drove to a small lonely beach and nobody was there. It was not high season and weather was not perfect but warm enough to stay there. We were lying on our towels a while. My girlfriend were looking around and as nobody was there she suddenly took off her top. She said that that nobody is here and she just likes to do it. I enjoyed to see her breasts and she was smiling to me. Without saying anything she took her panties off as well and was sitting naked next to me. I said nothing just watching her. She said it is so nice here and she would like to swimm naked and I pushed me do it as well. I was thinking some minutes and she did not stop to push me I took my clothes off and we were lying naked on our towels at this beach. Aftzer a while she stood up and walked naked through the sand to the water and asked to join her. She went into the water, then I decided to follow her and ran naked over the beach into the water.the feeling was inceadibly good and the start into our naturist life. After a while she went off the water to our place. I stayed still in the water and when coming out I saw her sitting on our towel making photos from me. She said that she will show these photos her mum and our friends and I was a little bit angry. We still have these photos and have showed them many years later her mum and some of our friends.
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    That Good enjoy
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