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    Wanted to be a nudist all my life but have three issues to overcome.
    Would like to find a Texas couple who will understand my issues and help me work through them without letting them offend them.
    Looking for a couple to just hang out with, not looking for anything sexual, just to hang out!
    If something was to happen then I'm not opposed to it but my goal is to overcome my issues so I can be free and enjoy the nudist lifestyle with others without offending them.
    My profile says it all...
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    Just joined, so I'm learning how to reply, comment, post, etc.

    I have an issue: my wife isn't a nudist. We skinny-dip in our walled-in back yard when temp. conditions are perfect, but that's it. Body issues; I really do understand. Not many are slim for life, like me.

    We're moving to Austin area in a few months, so visiting someday would be possible.

    I want to swim, hike, socialize naked.
    It would be good to hike or socialize dressed, but we stay (can't say a-t) home too much.
    We think that will change soon.

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