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    hi all, i am working on a paper for my anthro class. we have a paper we have to write which will account for 40% of my grade and we get to choose the topic (within guidlines). i am going to write about nudism and social sexual traditions and limits in various societies from the classic greek period until modern times. i would like to get some input from any of you willing to offer your opinions. questions i am looking to have answered are the following: why did you become a nudist if you were not raised in a nudist family? if you come from a multi generational nudist family, i would love to hear any anecdotes from your parents or grandparents that live during the 1920s as that was a very interesting period for social development in america and britain. have you encountered any discrimination when textiled people find out you are a nudist? have you felt discriminated against because of our lifestyle? what are the advantages and disadvantages of family social nudity? if you were forced to not be a nudist, how would it affect you psycholigically and would you have a more difficult time functioning in society. and lastly, do you consider yourself to be a part of modern society or do you think of yourselves as part of a secret subculture residing withing a larger and more restrictive and paranoid society?
    thanks much for any help :) !!!

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