South suburban Chicago area: Nudist women are lacking here. Romance Forward to friends

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    There are 26 pages of profiles in Illinois,,10 per page, = 260 women who 'claim' to be nudists on the basic search here on this site.  Mabye more show up if you are a high paid premium member, Idont know. I do know that of those 260, only about 30 post even one pic.  Some profiles I've seen there for over 6 years,,unchanged.  Many of the non posted ones I susect are men,,or fakes, or people who did it on a dare and left 5 years ago.  Where are the single nudist women around here?   California has thousands, lots of outgoing and eager women,,,but alas,,,2500 miles too far away for me to visit.    Even at the nearest resorts in NW Indiana in summers...,, single younger women don't come...just with husband or single female nudists under the age of 70.,,make that 80 at some places.  

               I've got a pretty tree protected nude friendly back yard, sunny areas, deck space, a small 30 inch deep pool and a year round hot tub  I'd love to spend time chatting, visiting and entertaining with,,but there are no takers, no nudists to find here at all. What is wrong with this state? (Oh, besides all our governors go to prison,taxes are out of control, retirement pensions have not been paid into by the state as required for decades,and allthat crap about IL).

              I'm not gay, not bi-sexual, so that kills about 99% of the proposals and invites I've gotten via message at 3 other nudist sites over last 3 years  that I've left by now.  Pretty much looks the same here,,,almost all men who post or respond on any forum question.    Just stinks that no women either care, or want to try, or trust any nudist male online it seems...not even  to meet over at a nice safe public summer resort like Lake of the Woods club in Valpo,IN.   Hoping to see or hear much more activity here at Nudistfriends before I'd ever pay the money they want for membership,,as right now I don't see much of anything different happening here. 

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  • View author's info Posted on Mar 23, 2015 at 06:58 PM

    107 views it says,,and no responses? No women at all around here? All men viewing ?  I just dont' get it at all here why there is no interaction at all.

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