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    Hurray! Hurray!! Here comes a nudist party in here in Australia, all the way from UK... We have been enjoying ourselves all over the years, at last the grove is going to be alive once more! The fun type is very simple, bring up your dates and interact together naked as the DJ keeps spining and u there keep your ass shaking! About my experience, i came into this world of nudist stuff, I realised that I've been missing alot of fun within myself, until I veiwed myself on the mirror, next thing i know, I said to myself what a sexy body I gat, in the same bathroom that I was... I started taking pictures of myself. You should try it. So if you are intrested for the upcoiming vacation, contact me for location, time and gate fee ticket. Thus, we can dialogue the time about when you guys really want the party to be started. Do have fun.
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    Hi Facebalo. I'm not a paid member here yet, but my email should be visible in my profile (I think ???). Send me some details if you can please. Cheers.
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