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    Has the nudist federation or any other nudist organization ever done any advertising in the media to promote nudism as a healthy and respectable way of life and dispel some of the negative ideas that a lot of people seem to have about nudity. I like the idea of bumper and window stickers. The more open we , as nudists , are about the good aspects of nudity the more readily more people likely to try it. I would be interested in what other people think about how to promote nudity and get rid of all the negatives around it .
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    Hi Roady, Hows it going?

    On this the problem I see that there is so many people who enjoy nudism but are concerned and would rather others ( normally friends and family) did not find out that they are nudists. You would hear the stories quite often as I have I can't because if work found out. Sorts of reasons that are similar and just as flakey. And the idea of a bumper sticker sounds good to me. Something like " Naturist and proud of it"
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