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    I would be very much interested to hear about your naturist longings, wishes, dreams, hopes, friendships and relationships as I like to collect, compare and to analyse the various motives and practices of singles, male and female, of couples,of the various members of families and of strongly bonded naturist couples and groups of couples in terms of their naturist practices, individual sensuality and sexuality in connection with the personal birth charts of the individuals concerned.
    I hope this request does not put you off in any way.
    I am a professional connected with education, interested in psychological and sociological aspects of the naturist/nudist cultures.

    I hope you had a chance to look at all my photos and read the texts which go with these.
    As my profile says, I seek to meet naturists and develop friendships with single females, couples, families and with groups and grouping of naturists. I am interested to talk with naturists about their naturist life styles and how these have changed their outlook on life and how it helped to develop their partnership(s) and social life in general.
    I would like to meet you but should you want to correspond at this stage we could also communicate via the webcam. I like to swap pictures and honest naturist accounts, stories and ideas about the rapidly growing naturist culture in this country (UK), on the continent and around the world.

    Should you have interesting naturist films such as about your holiday or home naturism and about your naturist friendships and relationships I would be pleased if you could let me see these.

    If you like, I can send you your astrological birth chart analysis, based on your day, hour and place of birth, free of charge. If you know other naturist friends we could get together at a naturist party where I could supply any number of participants with astrological birth chart interpretations free of charge. We could have a naturist party with an astrological theme.

    I ...
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    I am looking for people to send me handwritten accounts of their introduction to nudism, their greatest experience involving nudism, a story about nudism, or what they hope nudism will do for themselves or the world. Please post a reply here or e-mail me if you are interested. The "handwritten" request is important because I am thinking of scanning them into an archive of REAL thoughts on the state of nudism in our times. The archive would then be burned onto a CD-ROM and stored for later research and review.

    Thanks in advance for considering this idea/project.
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