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    Well a combination of 'firsts'.   At puberty,,,I loved to look at myself nude in the mirror with all those self identity questions.   Then began enjoying the naked feeling of a late night swim out in the pool alone,,,such a risk,,,,excitement, and living in a very uptight conservative family.   Then got my first 'co-ed' nude skinny dip right at end of colllege.  Ventured out on my own after that for more outdoor nude adventure in places like the Grand Canyon and mountain lakes.  Now have made my backyard 'nudist friendly' with hidden areas,,tree and fencelines to hide the deck, hot tub and sunny spots.  But never hit any real nudist resorts until I was near 50.  Tjhink it was because I was very self conscious of my body appearance for most of my life.  Very noticably small penis was a life long reason for female rejection, so felt I would get the same laughs or reaction among all the members or women at some fancy resort full of perfectly tanned ad fit nudists.   Now realize they are very open and accepting at most resorts and full of non-perfect bodies of all shapes.  Enjoy visiting them now each summer.

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    Hi new on this site and live in Liverpool, England. Had my first proper experience a few years ago when doing some garden work at a ladies house, I was late 50's she was early 60's but still very nice looking.


    Just before I finished the work (it was voluntary work to help out old or single people in the area) we had a sudden storm and I got a soaking so she invited me in for a drink and to get dry.


    At this point she suggested she'd dry my things for me and I could get cleaned up in the downstairs bathroom. She started to run the bath and gave me large towel and said she'd come back for my things in a few minutes so I  took off my things and then dropped them just outside the door before getting in the bath. I was nearly finished when she gave a little knock on the door and asked if she could come in but didn't really wait for an answer saying 'I hope you don't mind but I always used to chat to my husband when he took a bath.'


    I was a little surprised but also excited. I finished getting washed and she chatted to me and thanked me for the work I'd done getting her garden sorted. When it came to getting out of the bath I reached for the towel but she picked it up and held it out for me to step into so I stood up with my back towards her and stepped out and she put it across my back and I wrapped it around myself half expecting her to leave but she stayed and as I dried myself I became more bold and stopped covering myself to any degree.


    Eventually I was dry and couldn't even pretend I needed to continue and asked where my clothes where and she said in the dryer in the kitchen if I liked to come through and have my drink she'd see if they were ready yet.


    I sat with my drink still wrapped in my towel but with the delicious feeling that this lady had seen me bathing and drying myself and wondering what I should do next until eventually the dryer stopped and she declared my clothes dry. I took off the towel as she fetched my things from the dryer not knowing how she would react but when she turned around to face me she simply smiled and said it had been sometime since she'd had a naked man to look at before handing me my clothes.


    I dressed slowly, shirt and socks first leaving my shorts off as long as possible and I think we both enjoyed the moment. I did return but sadly the next time had another helper with me.


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    Welll it won't matter much now anymore here at this site.  Replies are proof enough. From men,,,,I have no frickin' interest in a man's opinion , sexual or not about my penis.  My pics here: dominated by men or private messages from men.   Conclusion?  This site caters to just attracting men looking for men...not 'nudists'.  I'm stil asking: Where are the women?  they get scared off I think.  

       And over my l lifetime,,,they have rejected and laughed at a small dick what some gay guy likes about my small cock is just more proof here.  Thus without any serious women responses to nudism, to messages, to 'winks' and just more males dominating the front page each day,,I'm outa here, not paying to renew and find another so called nudist site just another spot where men gather to find men and look at men and comment in forum topics as stupid as 'rate the man posting before you'.   What the...  

    Outa here for good. What a waste of time and money once again with internet 'nude dating' sites.

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    A few years ago I decided I wanted to try to comfortable nude outside around others.  The first thing I went to was a small run.  I really enjoyed it.  Later I went to several different hot springs and finally the nude beach.  It took a little while to get comfortable being nude around others, but now it doesn't bother me at all.

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    Too bad I can't see your picture, but a "small" penis is not the end of the world.  If it get's hard and you can penetrate a vagina or Male hole, U R big enough to have good sex.  Lots of women complain about large cocks, but many enjoy the "boy with a nice toy", to satisfy them while the man (YOU), is concerned about what makes them feel sexy and being part of the overall connection.  Manual stimulation of the nipples and vagina are VERY important and the affection you give, will be returned with a juicy place to "dock".   Really...

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    Ah,,photo trickery,,close ups,,,shooting when my 'soft is actually hanging as big as I ever get hard..etc.  Under 3 soft,,,hardly over 5 when hard,,,has brought alot of laughs to women who I thought I was going to get a chance to satisfy,,but rejection was the norm throughout the 70', 80', not even given a chance since the 90's.


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    I agree if that's your photo you don't have a small penis.


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    your penis doesn't look small.

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    301 views,,and nobody responds to stuff here.  What's wrong with this people?

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