Im newde lol First nudist experience Forward to friends

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    anyone want to give me hand getting into the swing of things??? im always grateful and always return favours! ;)
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    Jayme, we aren't far from each other. Would be great to meet you.



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    Well for me I have gone back to Squaw Mountain Ranch in Oregon, after 34 years. I was on Facebook and found their page. This being National Nudist Week I thought I would try them out. Here is their posting for this weekend "HELLO BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!!!! Well IT'S HERE!!! This weekend July 12th at 5:30pm is Cabin Crawl!!! And even better this whole week is Nude Recreation Week...what does that mean for you? That means grounds fees are FREE!!!! this whole week!!!! FREE!!!! How often do you get something for free, get to have fun, and meet new people!!! There are still tent spaces, RV spaces and lodge rooms available for the day rates. Please call us and let us know you are coming and we will save a spot for you! 503-630-6136" It was great and will be going back this Saturday and Sunday.

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      I would love to help you out because I love people and I love to be nude.  I'm never dressed at home and right now I'm nude,  and I'm not getting dressed any time soon.  I love being nude,  people have such hag-ups as to this being   "  gross  ",  but I don't look at this that way.   I love my naked gurl body,  god screwed meyears ago and gave me female breasts,  so,  I'm acting on these this sexy body.



       Hang-ups toward sexuality are stupid,  and names or labels just hurt a person.  The nude lifestyle that you and I love should be embraced.  Look at it this way :  if a child can run around naked,  without shame,  then why can't an

    adult do the same.It's totally comfortable and relaxing to be nude,  and it's natural.   I'm not the least bit embarrassesd about my nudity,  and I'm always getting caught.,  and I love it.


       I want to be your friend,    your nude friend.   I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt,   but I threw them in my closet,  and I am not putting them back on again.   My name is Jayme,   but people call me Jaymegurl !!!!.




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    hiya happy to lend a hand lol