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    THREE of us ended up in a place of questioning everything: Relationship, education, etc. Me, an "Andrea" and another woman, Lanie."

    I was the one with access to a cottage on stilts, forest, spring-fed river, privacy.

    I didn't OWN the cottage and never could have afforded it. I merely had access to it and my friends -- they were FRIENDS -- I invited. It was a "dare" from the game, "Truth, or Dare."

    It took 2 1/2 hours to get there and half of that was the last leg traveling down dirt roads... The cottage was on stilts... something that THEY had never seen.

    If you're into Russian Folklore, Baba Yaga. We made jokes about it.

    I had been with P__ for 8 years and had JUST gotten married for the last half year. "Andrea" was MUCH younger than me and had actually worked FOR my ex-wife before working for me in a photography studio. Lanie was the gf of my best friend, who owned a cafe.

    We were all.... tired.

    I had the cottage, I convinced only THEM to go, though I tried to convince at least a dozen others.

    If you're looking for a sex story, it isn't here.

    Truth, or Dare?

    We played it.

    We ended up naked and swimming in the river.

    Lanie had hairy nipples, which was cool because I'd never seen that. Andrea made me promise not to look, but Lanie and I DID lok and we admired her going across the river with her glow-in-the-dark ass.

    Lanie "dared" me to "kiss" andrea and I kissed her on the hand. Andrea said, "thank you" to me and I HATED it. I did NOT want to kiss her on the hand.

    Lanie was tiny and had hair everywhere. Andrea was smooth with a VERY interesting rectangle cut of thatch. I'd NEVER seen anything like either except for a 9-year relationship. As a man with NO EXPERIENCE, every second was about bodies and souls and conversation.

    There WAS no sex. There didn't HAVE to be.

    Since then, YEAH! Nude swims in Gainesville's Student Ghetto Pool. Models that have worked with me on photographs. My GF and I usually remember to close the blinds. BEFORE that, skinny-dipping at Mill River with 50 classmates was NOTHING: Skinny-dipping DIDN'T COUNT!! But, it did.

    The BIGGEST problem I have with nudism is the idea that sex doesn't happen. The truth it, is does. When it's RIGHT and natural, it's cool. When it comes from a person that is experiencing pain and they CANNOT enjoy nudism.... It hurts someone.

    What I EXPERIENCED in my life... was beautiful. It defined me and my relationship with women in a very positive way. What I ALSO experienced was a downside: "Need" that overrides a mere appreciation of freedom.

    Nudism IS accepting ALL of being nude. ALL of it.
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    i guess my time time nude was with a bunch of guys we were 14 or so we went skinny dipping then after e just laid on our back sunshine warming our young bodies left so nice
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    I enjoyed your story.

    I wish I had others that I could be nude with around here. There are lots of places where one can go skinnydippin and camping nude in the Ocala National Forest, here in Sunny North Central Florida.

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