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    I am now a nudist all around and like to nude as much as I can. My first time was unexpected. My wife and I were talking and nudist camp grounds came up. She said she went to one in Florida many years ago. I thought hay sounds fun so I went online and there was a nudist campround only about 45 minutes from my house. We went camping that weelend. We were both very unsure what to do or expect from others there. Well we got there and saw many nude people walking around by the pool so we got brave and just stipped down in the car and walked up to the office like we owned the place. The people were so great we became members in only 4 months and when I was layed off from my job I worked there one summer. I love it and will allways be a nudist.

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    I had one first time skinny dipping in a motel pool with a mate, whilst our partners looked on. The caravan park owners weren't impressed and wanted to throw us out. It took a fair bit of negotiation to enable us to stay in the park.

    First time fully nude was with a girlfriend at a semi accepting beach. We stripped of, went swimming, layed in the sand and sun baked. We wre the only nude couple, their were a few other topless females on the beach at the same time.

    From then on I have only attended nudist permitted beaches, rarely attend any other. My swimwear, is not normally accepted at non-nude beaches. So, I only wear it to the area that I am going to strip off in.

    Love the naked body. 

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    we are 23 and a week ago we were invited to a swimming party at a neighbors house. while we were swimming one of the guest suggested we all go skinny dipping. i had never done that befor and was shocked at teh ease of some of the menand women getting naked. paul asked me if i wanted to leave and i was kiind of leanig to it but our new neighjbor cathy said not to wor4oy if we didn noet want ot get naked it was o.k after a few hours we were relaxed adn i asked paul to undo my bathing suit in the back he asked if i was sure adn i sai yes after theinital embrassment of being naikek in from toifo 15 othr couoples wore off i had a ball and now i look forward to the next swimming session
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