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    Hi, my first experience was when I went for holiday in Sweden, I had travelled over night and arrived early hours in the morning at the hotel, not wanting to miss a days holiday and any sun, I booked in and had breakfast, then headed for the beach, I picked a nice spot and strip down the my suiting custom and started sunbathing, well being tired I fell asleep. about four hours later,  roughly  midday I awoke, after getting all my senses I looked around and to  my surprise I was the only person not naked, being a young lad at first I through I was in heaven, but after thinking for a minute, I had  two options, get up and walk off the beach with everyone looking and laughing at me or join them, so I tired very discreetly LOL to slip out me swim wear and  sunbath naked, it felt funny at first but I felt  free god and relax, that I have been a naturist ever sense.                                                 


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    Hi, As i Swede, it would be interesting to know where in Sweden this was. Most nude beaches are quite remote, not so easy for tourists to find.

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