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    As new members to the site first of all we would like to say hello to all and we hope to become part of the community.
    We are ideally looking to correspond with and make new friends. at the moment we are not looking to meet up however we are looking to develop a long term and meaningful friendship.
    We would prefer to speak with a female or couple a little older than ourselves ( we are m42 and f40 ) that have experience in nudism outside of the home
    look forward to hearing from you
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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 30, 2013 at 08:14 AM

    Bluemerc, This is a good advertisement to connect with other similar to yourselves.  I think you will get a response, so be sure to include some details in your NF profile in order to save time repeatedly explaining the things you would normally share openly.  For example: What do you like to do? (beach going, travelling, motorcycles, rock climbing, etc.) How often do you do these things? ... and so on.
    It will help make the site better if people share things about themselves from the start, rather than using phrases such as 'I like to be naked.' which is just obvious.
    The member Profile you have no looks pretty good, but a few fields have been left blank such as "Occupation" and "Political beliefs", which can sort of be generic descriptions - you do not need to get specific, but can also be "deal breakers" for some people.
    Hmm, now that I mention that, I need to go an update my own Profile probably!
    Best wishes,
    ~ D.
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