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    I am working on my first total tan. It's been going on about 5 months now. To say the least, being free in the outdoors while the sun, wind, falling pine needles, and soldier ants (!) all simultaneously caress my body is intoxicating. It is soooooo relaxing, my breathing slows but my heartbeat races with excitement. Of course, I've ALWAYS gone solo. I have a beautiful, athletic/shapely body for a guy. I'm very secretive, not knowing what others might think about my new hobby. But as I explore my new hobby, I desire more of this beautiful lifestyle. Which brings me to my question: as I tingle with excitement free of all clothing under the warm sun's rays, I constantly exude amounts of wetness from my penis. How do I control my "excitement" if I choose to come out of the closet (so to speak) and join a group at a nudist camp? Is this wetness common among guys? Do people notice it? Should I be concerned? I absolutely love the feeling, just want to know what others, especially women, think about a guy dripping with excitement while sipping a cocktail talking about the weather!!!
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    They call it a "runny nose" at my resort. That's one of the reasons most resorts require you to carry a towel around with you. I have found that as long as you're not sporting a raging hard on... no one really notices the runny nose. Yes and all you have to do is hold the towel down at your side and casually brush it over your penis and the problem is solved.

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  • View author's info Posted on Nov 10, 2009 at 07:04 AM

    My females love it-perfectly normal and easier to casually wipe away in a social setting than a full on Bone. But I will say that's why Males should wear underwear when they do wear clothes since this is a pretty common thing in healthy Males and why trash out an expensive pair of dress slacks? I can do a load of all whites but colors and then dry cleaners-easier to wear a comfy pair of white unders and save the outter-wear.

  • View author's info Posted on Nov 04, 2009 at 05:42 PM

    Hwy it happens to me all the time and the guys i chat with at the beach are similar. Just part of being a guy that drips. I have a puddle under my cock while at the beach. when I do to men's nudist resort, I have found most of the guys drip there.

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