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    Sexual activities are good for you. It relives tension and is satisfying for you.
    co ed naked relives tension.
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    Ain't that sweet: 2 nudists in the same town meet on-line, and they agree about something.

    I agree, too. And there's more to health than sex. I'm thinking of my 90-yr-old Dad and Mom who are visiting us today, on their way to Mexico for their annual snowbird trip. They think this is their last one. Anyway, they do have their health issues.

    They have always made it a priority to eat fresh fruit and veg's, and now they go light on meat, because digestion works better. He brought in a golden honeydew melon from the RV this morning, sprinkled pepper on it and called that breakfast.

    And then I would speak of attitude. This couple, my parents have outlived all their old friends and most of their siblings. Yet they go on RV group excursions, occasionally hosting, always ready to welcome newcomers. They haven't any time for melancholy. He still uses his boat for fishing and crabbing, and she still helps clean and gut the mess in their outdoors kitchen.
    I have a lot to learn about being open to meeting strangers and having lots of friends.

    I really doubt that my folks have had intercourse in 10 years. Maybe 30. But they can talk about it and they know what fun it was, with all the affairs and hanky-pank that they survived.

    I am feeling the effect of my age. Less sex activity is evident in my life. But, with social interaction, sun exposure, outdoor activity and shared healthy food, I think nudism in a group is going to keep us feeling young and healthy. Will she come along?

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    I agree that if you want to have sex with whoever you want go for it. I would like to meet someone off here and if were both interested I would
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    Hi all, any female naturists in South Wales area want to spend stress relieving days at dunes beach? New to naturism or a regular is ok with me. As is any age and body type. If you see my id then you just need to add a CHEER?? for instance, YIPPEE to reach me.Contact me.
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    hi.any one here from mississippi?
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    Sexual activity is a must. Part of any healthy lifestyle. Sex with others or self is a great for stress relieving and a way to make yourself feel good.
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