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    Ok, so I have a question. Where is a good place to meet other nudist? It seems that everyone thinks that every next person is nuts around here, so all we do is look at each others pics and enjoy the profiles. I understand the apprehension in meeting people online and quite cautious myself, but I would like to meet someone so I ain't going things alone.

    Basically, what other ways are out there in meeting someone that shares this same interest that I have?
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  • View author's info Posted on Jul 19, 2006 at 01:17 PM

    well living out in Glendora would be hard to meet anyone. I lived in Pasadena for years. spent most of my time not meeting anyone . had lots of just friends. LA is not that easy to meet genuine friends of either sex. I spent most evening dining alone in a restuarant. in old town
    I have been in Oz for 5 years and moved to a small contry town. found it much easier to meet people than a large city. but again just friends to say hello to passing on the street.
    and its true about this site lots of people to chat with but never meeting anyone. Tis a pity. People busy working, distance between. lack of finances to take a trip to meet anyone. all of that maybe.