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    What do naturists mean when they talk about "social nudity" and "nude recreation"?
    A number of things. But first, it?s important to know what they don?t mean. Misconceptions aside, naturism is not a code word for "sex" (see below). When naturists talk about "social nudity" and "nude recreation" they mean just that?nude group activities. The variety of activities varies tremendously. There are nude backpackers, canoeists, kayakers, scuba divers?even skydivers. For less adventurous types, there is everything from the traditional day trip to the nude beach or swimming hole to house parties, chartered cruises and weekend excursions to nude resorts or campgrounds. Most things that can be done clothed can be done unclothed?and usually it?s a lot more fun.
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    I can add Nudist Bowling to your list. 35 of us got together this past Sat and had a fabulous time.
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    I have been a nudist all my life but only when I could be, and somewhere were I could be, and most of the time it was by myself. For it seems as if I was the only one of my family and friends that felt the way I did about it. I've love being nude and the feeling of being none restricted to any ones ideal of why you shouldn't be. This is why before I pass on. I would my self be somewhere were I could be nude and enjoy the company of others who enjoy this life style with out the sexual being in the for front of it. Sex is a beautiful thing between to people or for me a man and women it would be nice to make love with an women and not have to fight taking off the close. Just simply any were anytime is wright, and because I find that in the nude I am more in tune with myself, therefore, I am able to be more in tune with my partner.

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    Speaking of activities that can be enjoyed clothed as well as nude, a case in point here of an activity that was BETTER enjoyed nude than clothed.

    Two years ago, a group of ten of us from my club in Canada rented a houseboat for a six day-five night vacation in central B.C.'s Okanagan region. On the last evening, we were sitting around the campfire discussing the trip, and we all agreed that this trip was so sucessful because we were all nudists. A boat with ten people living on it for a week can become crowded if everyone has to pack a week's worth of clothing, be covered up before getting out of bed in the mornings, and having to line-up to change in the bathroom. Nudist living made the trip a wonderful experience, and all agreed we'd do it again as soon as schedules permit.


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