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    A number of things. But first, it?s important to know what they don?t mean. Misconceptions aside, naturism is not a code word for "sex" (see below). When naturists talk about "social nudity" and "nude recreation" they mean just that?nude group activities. The variety of activities varies tremendously. There are nude backpackers, canoeists, kayakers, scuba divers?even skydivers. For less adventurous types, there is everything from the traditional day trip to the nude beach or swimming hole to house parties, chartered cruises and weekend excursions to nude resorts or campgrounds. Most things that can be done clothed can be done unclothed?and usually it?s a lot more fun. That is what that means... So from what I have seen on this site.. I don't hear any mention of the above.. Only about SEX, SEX, SEX.. So see, this NF is not supporting the real nudist lifestyle.. If it did, we would be seeing more things relating to Nudist events through out the world.. and get the real nudists to merge together.

    Hope to hear other postings about what I just expressed? Until then.. Have a Nude Day......... Leah
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    I agree with you.Not everything has to be about sex.This is a NUDIST site and should pertain to nudist activities.I would like to find other information besides who wants to get with who.I was on another site last year when I learned about a beach clean up in Cape Cod.That was when I finnally "went for it "and tried social nudity for the first time.I loved it!I am now looking for the best place in my area to join so I can be nude without the "law" interfering with my enjoyment.Thank you for the "new" outlook for this site.By the way,nice updates on your photos.Very classy!