Naked in church? Religion Forward to friends

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    So if being naked with other men makes me feel good, that is OK? If being naked with women makes me feel good, that is OK? If being naked with little boys makes me feel good, that is OK? If being naked with little girls makes me feel good, that is OK? If tying up a naked woman other than my wife makes me feel good, that is OK? If lightly strangling her to highten her sensations makes me feel good, that is OK? If tightening my grip until she is unconscious makes me feel good, that is OK?

    If killing my business rival makes me feel good, that is OK? If...

    Perversion is perversion, and if any of the perversions (and they all were perversions) listed above make you feel good, is that OK? Or would you then need compassionate help and counseling?
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    no matter what people say the reallity is that God knows your heart and i cannot beleive that when you do what make you feel good and there is no decete in it I really beleive then there is nothing wrong in being naked with like minded people. As has been said you may hide behind certain verses but I guess the test will be on that daywe will answer for our actions
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    God did not send down His Son so that we can water down His Word in the Bible. He said it, that is it. For the record, I am very interested in nudism / naturism, but will not lie, fabricate, rationalize or excuse what I feel, think or do in order to prepare a defense in the afterlife.

    YOu do, in fact, have the right to interpret things as you wish. Just do not paint a false picture.

    Adam and Eve teaches that nudity is in fact a sin. There is no other way around it, unless you want to write your own holy book, like Eddy, Constantine and the others.

    You are right that sin clouds the
    eyes and makes good things seem evil. Hence, the indefensible push for "gay rights."

    By the way, I am not in the least confused about the Bible. I just will state, over and over, that Exodus contains the 10 COMMANDMENTS, not the 10 Suggestions as most would prefer.

    As I have just relocated, I do not have my Bible readily available (still packed somewhere), but I have read it, and I do not remember anywhere the quote you provided. When I find it, I will doublecheck. Until then, beware of your Q, and other misinterpretations and reinterpretations of the Bible. Revelations tells us not to add or subtract from it. Seems rather clear to me.

    Maybe you reconciled naturism with Christianity, within yourself, but you cannot reconcile it with God. Yes, religion is one thing and spirituality is another, and God's Word is final over all of that.

    I too resent is our of mismanagement,
    disregard, and disrespect towards His gifts to us, and our ignoring of what He has taught us.
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    Please take note: Being a nudist ALWAYS has an intense sexual intent. ALWAYS. No matter where, when, with whom, regardless of age, gender, etc. It ALWAYS has sexual intent. And anyone who would try to tell you differently is lying. ALWAYS.
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    If there was a nudist Christian church in my area (N. Texas) I'd be there every Sunday without fail. I don't see any contradiction, but most Christians do. It must be the old fire and brimstone fear creeping in.
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    Hi Bellylaugh. I wasn¿t just raised Catholic, I am Catholic
    (under some degree of protest of some issues) , but still
    Catholic. Now, I am not going to claim to be a
    ¿traditional or even typical¿ Catholic. I am a Naturist more
    so than a nudist and the differentiation upon these words that
    many take to be equal conveys a spiritual connotation.
    I seem to feel frequently closer to God in the midst of
    relatively untamed nature than A T a church. Indeed I spent
    7 days nude in the wilderness A T Zion national WAYYY
    off the trails and had some delectable experiences of the spirit.
    I go to the nude beach on weekdays early in the morning to
    Meditate as I feel the ocean breeze caressing me. I guess that
    if you care a lot about what you¿re mainstream Catholics or
    Christians think about nudity, then you will never be A T peace
    with the issue. But the other thing is that it seems that you are
    taking the Bible literally instead as spiritually.
    I choose to interpret things somewhat differently.
    I think the example of Adam and Eve teaches
    that nudity is not a sin, but that sin clouds judgment., in
    so far as they were already nude and God himself claimed
    that He ¿saw that it was good¿. In this case sin clouds the
    eyes and makes good things seem evil, if not, then God would
    have made them with a good pair of Levi Jeans! Pun intended.
    GREENWOODS, I agree with you almost 100% however
    You totally confused our fellow friend HYPERPOLY by
    quoting from the Gospel of Thomas which is more of a
    collection of the sayings of Jesus than a gospel, that even
    though it seems to be in virtual perfect alignment with
    the idea of the Q, it has not been accepted as part of the
    Bible YET in the Churches in the USA. Also remember
    that G.O.Thomas has an Eastern flavor to it that makes
    it even more so an article to be read SPIRITUALLY rather
    than literally. But indeed the innocence of original nudity
    and rebirth is implied in those verses. By the way, just for
    the record, it does not say that Thomas asked Jesus
    ¿how do I get to Heaven¿, what it does say is
    { Hyperpoly can open his G.O.T. to verse37 }:
    His followers asked: ¿When will you appear to us and when
    shall we see you?¿ Jesus said: ¿When you strip without
    being ashamed and take your clothes off and put them
    under your feet like little children and trample them, then
    you will see the child of the living one and you will not
    be afraid.¿
    LOVABLE NUDIST You remind me of the sweetest
    times of my late teens, however, I disagree with you 100%;
    church should be the place to be totally nude. The existence of
    someone as beautiful as her is to me proof of the existence of God!
    PAULCO, you belong in my spiritual naturist group on Yaa ho oo!
    HYPERPOLY, I already did reconcile naturism with Christianity, in me.
    Religion is one thing and spirituality is another, I am eternally grateful to
    God for what he has given us, the only thing I resent is our of mismanagement,
    disregard, and disrespect towards His gifts to us. (Myself included in having
    been less than gracious A T times). Anyway, this started out as a comment and
    seems to be turning into a dissertation. Have a happy naked day everyone.
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    well am still new about nudism just started to aspect the fact that i might be a nudist or just an exhibitionist.I think that as long as being a nudist has no sexual intent then it will be okay to worship in the nude.
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    Basically, you cannot reconcile nudism with Christianity. Maybe with other religions, but not on any religion based on the Bible. Where in Heaven did Jesus say to throw off your clothes and stomp on them? Chapter and verse, please.

    The Bible says that we should cover ourselves. Adam and Eve did not know they were naked until they sinned. We now learn it right from the beginning.

    So, if you worship the devil, you can worship in the nude. If you are a sinner, you can be nude in inappropriate places. Even Benjamin Franklin exercised in the nude (but within his room in front of the open window, as I understand). I am not saying that you cannot be nude (I am very interested in it myself), just be aware that what you are doing is against God's Word. Period.
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    I have to agree completely with fieldy18 on this one...nude is how we were made, and how we should remain. :)
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    It is my view that anyone who tells you that being nude is a sin are just jelous of the fact that you are able to be free of inhabitions. I was taught by my chaplin that god made us without clothes and that was his intent for how we should live. Long live nudity!
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    God made you naked. Worshiping in the nude sounds let somthing I would do.The Religious right are some times so ridiculous. I would like to worship in the nude with others who also want to stand before God in the way that god has made us. We can use my house. Let me konw.
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    It says in the Bible, 'that one shall cover thy sinfullnes' so the woman wore skirts. Thats why unwanted woman were asked to cover themselves to make them less appealing to the men.
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    honestly, everybody are naked in the eyes of God so we don't need to be naked, just save it when we meet in heaven.....
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    If wearing the suit that God gave you makes you feel guilty maybe nudity isn't for you.Or maybe your worshiping the wrong God.I'm not doubting your faith,just your religion.Sorry if I offended anyone.
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    l am 37 yrs old single guy l am every much nudism guy.l am looking for single females is willing for have children grew up this way is not shame of there body
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    well, i haven't read much of what was said.
    but naked in the CHURCH? das a bit over the limit...
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    Actually wearing clothing is if anything a sin, because we are covering up the way God created us. We are taught to be ashamed of our bodies and it is because we keep them covered up that we get over curious about what¿s under the clothing. This leads people to act more inappropriate than if we were all naked all the time. If we all grew up naked then it wouldn¿t be a big deal and we would actually look for inner qualities in other people because the naked body would be the norm. Instead, we wonder what¿s underneath and that leads people to spending their lives seeking sexual gratification. The grand reality is that we are still in the ¿Garden of Eden¿, and we can¿t see it because we have veils of knowledge that keeps us distracted. When the Europeans went exploring the world they found that people were running around naked, but didn¿t know what being naked was. This is why when Saint Thomas asked Jesus, ¿How do I get to Heaven?¿ Jesus replied, ¿You must take off your clothing and toss it to the ground and then stomp on it like a small child¿. To be able to walk in the Garden of Eden you must do away with all the illogical constraints that we place on ourselves and wearing clothing is the most extreme form of hiding ourselves. If you cannot find Heaven on Earth, then how can you find Heaven in death? So, when you study all religions and find that the message is for everyone to find the inner peace needed so that no one is greedy and appreciates the beauty provided by the creator, then most problems resolve themselves. It is only the current society of humanity that holds our freedom back from being a full-blown reality. Since religion is designed to help us find this state of ultimate happiness and freedom I say that it is not only justified but also absolutely necessary to have nudity in church. To be nude is to physically exist as God created us, without anything extra.
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    "How does one reconcile being naked with being religious? I was raised to believe that running around naked was a sin. Despite my love of enjoying nudity, I still get a twinge of guilt about it. Is this more of a problem for catholics (like me) or do other religions instill this type of guilt? And how do you deal with or reconcile these feelings?"

    First of all, I believe if one can't stand in the flesh while thinking of their deity/religion, then they belong to the wrong church.
    I am Pagan. For those of you who don't know, being Pagan means: the belief of many gods. That's all it means. What it means spiritually is that we Pagans accept into our lives the physical and metaphorical and metaphysical aspects of the universe. We have come to the enlightment that we are all physically a certain way for a specific purpose, and we accept that as our being and we learn to love it. Pagans also feel that being naked is a way of being that much closer to the Nature that holds us in Her beautiful belly and allows us to live upon Her.
    Being naked is just like being back in the womb. It's home. Stand outside, look up toward the Great Father (His symbol is the Sun) or the Great Mother (She is the Moon), spread your arms out, shake your nakkie-ness all around, and tell Them "Thank You for allowing me life." It's pretty fun, too, when you have a few friends who are out there shakin' what the Mama gave them!
    I don't ever get why certain religions cast aside nudity (as long as it's not profane sexuality). But if you feel that comfortable with being your true self (and deep down, all of our true selves are very naked, revealing all we have lived through), then maybe you can meditate and rethink why you allow those people to tell you how you can't live.
    Blessed Be!!!