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    No, you're not nuts. It's just the world we live in now. Thats why people like you and me will be single for life, or so it seems. If I found someone that had the same convictions as we do I'd pull up stakes and move in a flash to wherever she is but somehow I don't think I'm going to be using Mayflower Movers anytime soon. LOL!
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    I like your photo and profile. Please correspond with me for more info as I am not a gold member. I would dearly love to correspond with you!!
    Thank You
    PS I am now located back in Missouri
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    Now there is a body made to make love to
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    I am on your side things are screwed up I need romance one guy to love and one guy to give myself to.Am I old fashion but I love old fashion sharing sex wtih every Tom,Richard, Harry, and Scotty is not my gig.... give me real please.... one man one woman..... thanks, everyones going nuts? or is it me??????
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    Everyone seems to be having the same problem with romance. If you read my profile you will see that I have always been a die hard romantic and always will be.

    The reason there is no romance is for three reasons:

    1) People cannnot seperate sex from love, the two are not the same and

    (2) The selfishness of today's world. Those that have been burned, cannot trust and is scared of living again, just can't put it all on the line, does not have the where with all to clean up their own emotional baggage and insist on a "partner" jumping thru conditional hoops and

    (3) Not all, but most guys are players from the word go.

    It's all so screwed up anymore I really don't expect much. So if I accidentally stumble across it, wonderful. If not, I just keep on doing my own thing alone.

    I hate being alone but I had much rather be alone than live jumping thru conditional hoops and cleaning up the mess somebody else left behind that she can't seem to handle coming to the table with a clean plate.

    I don't have an attitude about it, it's just the God awful truth. And the truth is not always flattering.

    It makes life very hard for true romantics like myself. And being a nudist makes it even harder.
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    I think you are great,very beautiful and sexy. I like to talk with you,but I am only FREE member,so i dont know what to do?

    Hope you find love ,you deserve it my dear.

    hope we can meet someday,if you like.

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    Romance does not depend on nudity. Romance is about the feelings you have for, and give to, your partner/companion given the time and place. Sensuality rather than sexuality should be the norm. Romance means you have taken the time to discover the inside of your partner, not just the outward appearance.

    Properly portrayed to your children, any displays of romance, whether clothed or naked, will teach them more in their developing years than anything else.
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    I am married and do love my husband even though we are seperated just now for reasons too involved to explain here. However even when we were living together and I was dating other men with his approval, I LOVED the man I was with to be as passionate and romantic as possible, even thought our meetings were for no-strings pleasure. Romance certainly adds a LOT to ANY relationship, even a purely sexual one. One can be romantic without necessarily "looking for love".

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    Well written, I lost him somewhere, was just commenting on Romance, cause I get alot of horney mail... we have to lighten up have fun, and disregard some other intentions.... I was just making subject matter about Romance Its nice if people bring that back into a relationship.. and keep it going....
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    For crying out loud?my dear Xenophon!
    The name of the site is NUDIST FRIENDS. A niche site, definitely! For NUDISTS seeking FRIENDS; and the profile questionnaire itself makes very clear the purpose one is seeking from this site - be it from friends to an intimate encounter (means sex I think, can't remember!) to a permanent relationship!
    One can rest assured that this site was not created for content and happy individuals, but rather for the disenchanted and hapless people who as a last resort revert to sites like this in an effort to perhaps find some meaning to it all and to end the mind-numbingly desolate evenings spent alone in front of the TV.
    There are 'normal' dating sites out there; there are swingers?sites out there; and even sites that serve as 'meeting places' for gays and suchlike!
    This one happens to be for nudists!
    If one was on a nudist beach and met somebody for the first time, one would be..well, NUDE! And so it is on this site!
    No posting above purports to be from any avatar of romance; one rather gets the feeling that perhaps they (we) are all admitting to a REGRET for leaving that element out of one's life! As you so rightly say - perhaps regret for materialism and superficiality (if one may use that word!)!
    Of course, this site will get hijacked by the weirdo¿s and the cruisers and the perverse, as will any 'dating site' of a similar nature!
    But you can bet your bottom dollar that there are many genuine people on this site who are seeking genuine partners to replace that 'hole', that emptiness that one feels inside - that aching crack in the chest that one feels when one faces an empty sitting room, an empty dining room, an empty bedroom; that desolate landscape of complete and utter loneliness!!
    The pictures are there, next to the posting, because that IS this site! No, they are not paramount, they are just us. Some are brazen, some are coy, some are exhibitionist, and some say 'this is me'!
    It is YOU who perhaps misunderstands the core of a nudist! A nudist is 'whole' (your term) without any clothes! But here, we happen to be (mostly)lonely nudists!
    Yes, there are many nudist couples and nudist singles here whose sole purpose is to broaden their circle of friends for social activities. That's great! But some of us are only trying our best...
    Please, Xenophon, do not come here to preach to us on what we lack, or on our misguided endeavours - heaven knows! - That¿s why we are here!
    Rather make a positive contribution to the forum, and perhaps tell us a bit about your philosophy of romance - we are all older than a quarter of a century ago, perhaps we could benefit from you!
    We, in this forum, would probably ALL agree with you that the coital embrace is meaningless without spiritual and intellectual and compassion and tenderness!
    So don't shoot us down in flames for trying to engage; rather, perhaps, enlighten and share with us?
    And remember, we are still nudists!!
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    Well, what we got here? One rather attractive middle-aged lady and a bunch of naked guy pics of all ages claiming to be avatars of true romance. Forgive me if I think somebody's missing the boat.

    A main reason I don't appear naked in my profile, is that I feel nudism, which I enjoy for stress-reduction and health, is secondary to the relationship.For someone to bare themselves (literally) on a first or early date, they are going to have to appreciate me as a whole person and vice versa. I see some of that missing on this site and even this discussion where the pictures seem paramount and actual detailed discussion of the allegedly all important romance seems secondary.

    Bitter, I am too. Beginning in college a quarter century ago, I tried to be a speaker and philosopher for bringing the genders together (bring Mars to Venus and the reverse) and all I got as a response was Reagan-era materialism and emphasis on superficial appearances, which still exists and worse.
    Regardless, this discussion would be more beneficial I think if people were discussing what and why about romance makes it important to them. For me, never a physical wonder certainly, but also a sensitive thinking man, I can never experience the sharing I want with another and the spiritual and intellectual fulfillment from the same, with an emphasis on robotic sexual acts and appearances. This is both animal and machine-like and denies our humanity.
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    if i'm honest , had sort of the same, due to lack of romance and complicity, i refuged into the computer so to say. which made things worse.....
    ended up in a divorce...
    A mistake i will not make again.....
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    yep thought I had romance in my relationship but the jerk had romance going with a computer.... Bitter Too bad he didn't put the effort into the relationship instead of computer... Hope someone learns from this..... you would be surprised how many relationships would last if they only put in the effort... Sorry to get serious here but I think its the truth.
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    Romance is great -but has been relegated to the ranks of teenage infatuations. Modern communications (TV, cellphones, e-mails, and so on) have shortcircuited the true meanings of romance - coming home with flowers today means you are in trouble, not that you are in love!!!! Ultimately, romance is short term - there is only so much that can be said across the dining table lit with candles!! But true romance CAN lead to everlasting love, and ultimately long term companionship - and that is when you see these old folk of 80+ years walking around hand in hand!!
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    Romance was taken over by Disney and Warner Brothers and broken up and now is being sold off in shares. There just isn't time in peoples lives for it any longer. Its to damn bad to there was nothing like a nice long walk holding hands along a beach. With a blanket a bottle of wine and a full moon!
  • View author's info Posted on Aug 01, 2005 at 05:06 PM

    Wow guys I am very impressed the responses have been really nice... scary that yes people don't have alot of romance in their lives today... I think it would make for better relationships and marriages...So all those who responded u will be hearing from me soon............ I love romance
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 22, 2005 at 12:44 PM

    A hopeless romantic here. . .has caused some heartache in the past, but still remain the hopeless romanitc. . .still believing in romance, always!
  • View author's info Posted on Jul 22, 2005 at 09:29 AM

    as to naturegirl question I do believe there is still romance out there and true love is what is in your heart that well let you know. That is what I believe.

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    Is there truely love out here ?? I can no longer find it, but not giving up. I'm new to this nudist thing, and would love to find a lady that could help me with it.....mike
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    seems we are too busy these days and do forget the real term romance and everything it really meant..treating a woman like a lady...good times...too bad most have forgotten
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