Wanted A Real Man. Romance Forward to friends

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    I must be real. Can't remember the last time I had to be recharged!
    But seriously, I really wonder what some women want in a partner. I for one stopped trying to live up to or meet someone elses expectations. It is hard enough trying to meet your own. If there is something about the other person you cannot stand a t all then maybe rather than trying to change them, move on. As far as trying to find that perfect match, when there is 6 billion people in the world your chances are pretty slim. All we ever do really is settle for second best and be glad for that. The number of times I have seen some weedy little bloke walk out of a nightclub with a big grin on his face while hand in hand with a women of rather generous proportions. Meanwhile I have left on my own and still am on my own.
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    As a follow up to this topic, some real men have responded here. Why are not the real women posting or replying? A question for the ladies here if any will reply: How can a woman ever expect to get to know any man if they don't communicate with one? Yes there are pervs out there but if a woman assumes that all men are pervs then there really is no sense in bothering with any man. If a woman goes forward with an open mind and never lets past experiences affect the next man you meet then you will meet some nice real men. The real men are here. The question now is does any woman really want to get to know a 'real man' or are real men boring and so the pattern of finding abusive men continues?
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    I like what the guy said about it taking two people. Love is when all barriers are let down and each person is totally connected. I only truly fell in love once and we were completely one. I think that the deepest level of love is hard to get to because it requires both people to be completely open and honest with each other. Our culture kinda discourages this by putting some much emphasis on up holding fake images. In any case, everyone wants to be in love because that is the ultimate reality, but our hearts are closed because of fear. Just keep looking around and you will find someone, especially since you are a nudist because we are naturally more free than non-nudist. So, enjoy life until then and when love comes your way then keep enjoying life. :)
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    The world seems to be full of both men and women who are searching for a 'real' person ie 'that special one'. The real question is this. If so many people are seaching for honesty, faithfulness, romance, kindness, caring, etc then why are so many people having such a hard time finding it? Are men's and women's standards too high today? Just look a-t the n-et. From a man's perspective, it seems that many nice guys write polite e-mails to woman and are only ignored. Why is this? From a woman's perspective, so many women complain about abusive e-mails and creeps. There seems to be a huge disconnect between those few how sincerly want to find a committed relationship versus those men and women who are playing games. I wish there was a good way to create a means of bringing together real nudists who are sincere about finding a partner and will give others a chance to get to know them and visa versa. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas?
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    It takes two to have a successful relationship. To share one anothers love and life together without trying to control them. If the two souls are truly in love with one another then no distance or time can separate them. They are connected. I know this to be true.

    Much Love

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    vickie, I am looking for that special lady to share the sun , but also to share all that ourheart desires.I am a man that is wealthy only in My word and what I desire. Friends, a partner in this lifestyle and if that road leads to someplace more we can see what maybe there. Timothy

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    I find people to be very unreliable. When I hear women complain about men being "real" and men who want a "good girl", I can't help feeling sorry for those poor devils who scream and beat the ground for comfort from other people, and they live all their lives for this event, yet they will never get it. What needs to happen, for people to come together, is a miracle.
    Well, I don't have any miracles up my sleeve. Only speculation.
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    Yes, their are.....check out my profile. The problem is everytime I find someone of like mind we are always miles and miles apart. Life ain't fair sometimes.
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    my name is vikki would like to find my special someone to share the lifestyle with me. let's chat.

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    A Good all around nudist here in South East Florida.
  • View author's info Posted on Sep 11, 2005 at 05:28 AM

    I like to think I'm a real man, I don't even want to consider the other possibility. I'm looking for other nudist to share the lifestyle.
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    It's true, it can be discouraging filtering through the shallow notes begging for, or demanding, sex. Those who believe ina more intimate relationship, though, can't give up or settle. Real men, and women, are out there.
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    I think that's the Holy Grail for the small minority of people who like to believe that there is some good in humanity. We are all looking for a life partner that can fill the upper level heiracrchical needs like love and romance. Sex is a basic need, like food and water! But as a previous chap said in this forum - love (and romance?) are a basic prerequisite for a lasting relationship. My apologies for the sermon - needed to get that off my chest. Unfortunately I am stuck out here in the Middle East - so my meeting with good-hearted people like yourselves remains limited to this forum and e-mails.
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    there are 3 things that men and woman get mixed up alot, that is sex romance and love , these are not the same thing the best time in life is when you have a balance of the 3 leave any one out and it just is not what it should be sex with love is just like sex with out love but sex with romance is great and sex with love and romance is divine.. romance alone is fun but it will lead to greater thing we all hope.
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    wow thinking the same thing girl, They are few maybe somewhere I don't know where
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