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    They just think that we are different. So that is not to bad. But they accept it.
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    It was my parents who brought my sister and myself up to enjoy being naked although they were never naturists themselves, so I have been going naked on the beach, in the garden and of course indoors as far back as i can remember - and yet the fantastic feeling of being naked has never reduced, probably become more so over time.
    A few other close family members have either seen me naked in those kind of surroundings or holiday video/photos and have always been accepted ok.
    A couple of my friends once were a bit shocked when i stripped the minute i got to a beach with them the first time
    but there was no negativeness from them - they just thought i was really brave and one of them eventually joined me naked too and has carried on with the naked life at least on the beach anyway.
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 28, 2007 at 09:52 AM

    My nudist lifestyle is very important to me. It is just as important as religion is to a lot of other people.

    Very shortly after I met the woman who has since become my fiancee, I told her about my nudist lifestyle. She was not a nudist but was supportive and said that she would like to join the lifestyle as well. If she had balked at the idea, the relationship would have gone no further.

    We have agreed that ours will be a nudist household. When we have children, they will be raised as nudists right from the beginning.
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    It's been a very long time since I lived at home with my parents. I did not get involved in the nudist lifestyle until several years after I left home. I have never kept the fact secret that I'm a nudist. My entire extended family knows (aunts, cousins, nephews, nieces and so on). None of them have any interest in the lifestyle but they are all accepting of my choice.
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    My wife and I are usually nude at home (and anywhere else we can be) and have been since getting together in 1992. Granddaughter has grown up seeing us nude -- her Mom knows how it is at our place and has no issue with it although they don't practice nudism openly in their home.

    When my wife told her Mom about us being members of two nudist groups shortly after we got together, she said she wished she could go with us but would never hear the end of it from her husband (not my wife's father). If we visit them or they visit us, her Mom knows she can come to our room anytime and sees both of us nude routinely.
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    hey Barb, kids are natural nudist jut let them go clothes free in the home/ we raised up ours in a nude home and now they are out on their on and raising theirs up the same way
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    Well, my daughters before yhey flew the nest came with us to nude beaches and resorts, and the eldest has been on naturist holiday with us since marrying her 1st husband, but they are both very busy with their own families now and not even home nudies.
    My wife had a very severe stroke 2 yrs ago and is totally dependent on me, and we cannot travel far, we have carers come in each morning and they are totally supportive of my clothesfree life, a nice lady neighbour pops in daily, she also is not bothered by my lack of clothing, my wife feels the cold much more and covers up but I can get out once a week to do some clothesfree walks in our lovely countryside!

    All the best from Mike in Kent UK

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  • View author's info Posted on Feb 17, 2006 at 10:43 AM

    Alot of people Barb are way to uptight about the human body. I dont live to far from you if you would like to chat and become friends let me know.

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    As for myself, my wife of 5+ years understands my interest in nudism and has been convinced to try it herself when it is just the two of us. I suppose that qualifies her for the title of "Home Nudist" even though she is more likely to be found wearing comfy jammies (tops and bottoms). I can appreciate how people have body issues but am saddened when they give up enjoy themselves because of it!
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    My family is pretty old-fahsioned and I dont think would tolerate it very well. Alot of my friends know and have no problem with it, they are very accepting people and thats probably why we are such good friends.
    Not much an interesting story I know but just wanted to add my bit I guess :)
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    Not that it's an interesting story,but when I told my wife that I was interested in nudism she was thrown off gaurd.But after explaining the reason for it (the complete feeling of freedom)she had no problem with it.Of course trying to get her to try is a totally different thing.Thankfully she lets me go to the resorts nearby and stay the weekend when I want to.