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    Just a thought.........wouldn't it be so nice to find other sincere, honest, REAL nudists who are here to talk with and meet other REAL nudists for friendship and dating? It seems that the BEST way to do this is still in the real world for talking with people in person is so much more fulfilling. Here, anyone can post a photo of anyone at any age and the photo may or may not be a true representation of the person. It is also sad that so many here chose to lie and play games or ignore others and if there was only a good way to seperate them from those who are honest and upfront about what they seek and actually mean what they say, say what they mean, and not play games. Well, some of us can dream can't we? If this is the BEST site for dating other nudists then God help us all!
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    I totally agree with what you say about pics what is there to hide I have seen everthing a woman has and I am sure women have seen all a man has. I have been almost around the world and have seen it all. The Scandanavian countrys have the best attitude In holland I have driven by nudist parks they wave and go on with what they were about. as for this sight I have met a few ladies. the first time it is in a coffee house or restaurant for lunch or dinner and get to know each other. as for sex that is a private matter. I am also a paying member of this site
    Charlie thats my name
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    There are some real nudists here. I sent you an email a while back but never heard back from you. I was wondering what happened??
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    I was wondering if there were real nudist on the site and not all sexest so this is why I don't put nude photos on. It would be real nice to be able to meet a true nudist and I will need to change my profile because I am on my way to living in the Tamapa area.

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    Why are the dates on some of the postings here being changed from older dates to more recent dates? What is going on here? Does anyone know why this is occuring???
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    I am not a member, but.. here's my .02 for all it's worth.... Yes, I have met a few men on this site... Starting with a friendship and one turned into a lover. I find that most of the local men I have met on this site do not/will not go to the beach alone. Still not sure, I'm single and have been for 15 years... I can do things by myself and often do... So they are looking for a beach partner and/or lover.

    Sometimes this site makes me chuckle, why??? I'll tell you... For me nudism is a natural thing, a body is a body, is a body is a body.... sorry guys... most of you all have the same thing.. It truly is not what you have, but what you can do with it. A majority of the men I have met on this site are looking for pics and sex chat. Seems this has turned into a sex site more than a nudist site. If you are interested in meeting or chatting with me... then it is none of your business what position I like, what my breasts look like, and if I swallow; some things are better left discovered if that is the case. If you are looking to get off, try a different site. If we go to the beach, you will see it all anyway and believe me, it's probably nothing you haven't seen before either. That is why I do not post nude pics of myself. I don't have a problem with my body image, I just want to be in control of who sees it or who has the pics in their possession. This is the Internet you know and not all is what it seems sometimes.

    The winking thing.... Well if I am interested, I'll wink at someone. If they take the time to read my bio, they will know that I am not a member and if interested they must e-mail me or post on the message board. If someone winks at me, I always give them the courtesy of a reply wink. I treat others as I would like to be treated.

    Just another point of view for y'all...
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    HI SUNMAN188>>> Thanks for the wonderful posting in my behalf. I have gotten so carried away with the blogs, that I rarely get on the forum. Please forgive me for not replying back to you. I see, a lot of issues here that is a ongoing thing. As NUDISTS we do need to keep expressing our concerns about this site. Did you know, that AANR has only 50,000 members representing that organization? Yet, it is well known throughout our nudist community. It might be small, in representing us.. but it SPEAKS LOUD in our defense.. all over the world. ;-) But as nudists representing this site.. true nudists.. we do NEED to SPEAK UP.. and be heard.. otherwise, we will be overrun by people that will bring down the nudist community to a lower level.. When AANR is working so very hard to show the community of Non-nudists.. there is NO threat here. We do NEED to represent ourselves in a HIGHER STANDARD.. Otherwise we have lost our purpose for being Nudists.. in a safe environment.. where we can be NUDE without being harrassed Sexually.. Is that to much to ask for? I don't believe so... Let's KEEP SPEAKING UP to be HEARD........ Have a Nude Day..
    with lots of NUDE HUGS... Leah45ca

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  • View author's info Posted on May 30, 2006 at 03:54 AM

    Nice posting Skime,

    One thing that I would like to add. My experience with pics here is this. Posting pics is nice but I have found far too many people post fake pics. Anyone can post anything and many do just that. Posting a pic does not necessarily mean that the person is genuine or a nudist. I personally chat with the person for a bit and then if we both feel comfortable can exchange all the pics that we want. I don't see the point of only just exchanging pics. However, to each their own. The web is full of pics and so don't really need to come here for that. The real challenge here is finding others who are genuine about who they are including nudism. In brief, if you want to 'see' nudist people then search the web for pics. If you want to get to 'know' nudist people then go to your closest nudist club or beach for there you more or less get what you see and see what you get.
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    Nice posting! However, I thought that I would add a few comments from a genuine nudist man's perspective too! I can count on one hand the genuine women that I have met in this forum. I have met women who are running scams, are hiding or lying about one thing or the other, or are men posing as women and are asking for nude photos. One 'woman' asked me for a nude photo up front and when I only inquired as to why, the conversation suddenly ended. Leah, as you know being an AANR member, most genuine nudists could care less about nude photos and are instead interested in the real person. Leah, also please understand that it is not only the men (of whom the majority are on this site)who are playing games. Some women are also playing games and they ruin it for those few genuine nudist women who are here to have 'normal' sex free chats and get to know others. Leah, you live in an area where there are many other nudist clubs not too far away. Perhaps the best way to meet other genuine nudists is at one of those nudist clubs as you can at least be assured that those who are allowed into the clubs would be thrown out fast for violation of any rules. This does help in cutting down on non nudists who insist on playing games or are interested in only non stop sex chats.
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    JuneMoon.. I just want to applaud you, in expressing the same concerns, as I have been expressing over the past 3 yrs about the men on here.. exhibiting more then being clothes free. But really, going in the direction of SEX. Having a erected penis, does not warrant the true nudism lifestyle. I also, agree with you that Sex is wonderful, but let's not throw it in our faces, on this site. It is private, and should be shared that way.
    I joined this site, on false pretenses that this site, was about nudism.. Yet, it seems, that it has been focusing to much about SEX.

    It is very difficult, finding female buds, in my area.. in rich to hang out with.. I do have male nudist friends, that I have actually met at my local sun club, from connecting up on this site. ;-) No romantic ties.. but friends in either case. But there are times, that I would really like to just shoot the breeze with a female friend.. ;-) I am very lucky, to have met some wonderful, true nudist male friends..through this site.. For that, I am forever grateful.

    Sorry, about your friend passing on. I am glad, though.. that it hasn't changed your mind.. about the nudist lifestyle.. that you still are searching for more friends to enjoy it with..Well, if your ever out this way.. in S.California.. let me know. Nice to make new friends.. Oh, btw.. I love your bike. I ride, as well.. but really only as a passenger.. But looking to buy a trike..;-) Have a great day.. Leah45ca
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    Naturegirl49 and only1dna, there is another reason for not posting a pic, some of are not that computer literate. I realize that it's a simple thing to upload a picture but if you don't have a camera or the know how it ain't gonna happen. Since I fall into both catagories, if someone wants to meet with me, I will let the female choose a safe and neutral location for their benefit and peace of mind.
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    i have tried to meet someone a couple of times but they seem to get cold feet and i get lost for words once that happens and i end up losing contact,but your be dead lucky to meet a woman on this site a lot are guys posing as women.
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    I have been a member of this site for about a year. although I have not met anyone from this site yet, I have had some great chats with people.

    Location plays a great part. I do think that you need to strike up a good rapport before meeting. one needs to be pleasant and courteous to each other. Like only1dna I feel there are too many gay males, I have actually put in my profile NO GAY MALES.

    There is one lady i have been mailing from this site, who I will be meeting later in the year and i will be travel ling to the states to meet her.

    My only advice is be patient, open and honest and above all do not be crude. respect the ladies boundaries.
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    I can't even get a wink let alone someone that might want to go on a date!
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    I thought that I would add a few thoughts to your reply. You asked about photos and I agree that it is wonderful to see who you are talking with. Sharing photos with someone who is genuinely interested in friendship or honest chatting and will stick around is one special and rare thing. If you clearly indicate that this is what you want then I am sure most people will comply with photos and send them specifically to you. However, you also asked about "what does a person have to hide who does not post initially post photos?" Well, I see your point as it pertains to those who are here for 'ulterior' motives ie married and cheating on spouse or being deceitful about who they really are. However, another viewpoint is that for the honest others, they might have sensitive jobs (ie teaching) and will lose their job if they post a full photo. Many people need their job and realize that we live in a world that does not understand or accept nudism. Just look at how many people on this site are here for reasons other then nudism (ie sex). The average person out in the real world still equates nudism with sex. With so many on this site looking for sex, this notion wil only be reinforced. In today's world, finding others for sex is relatively easy. Finding others for real friendship and honest relationships is extremely difficult. Over time, you can pretty much figure out what a person is all about by reading the posts of those few who post here. Many don't post here and I am not sure if they even chat if they are not paid members. So the question really is what are the majority of people looking for (if anything) on this site?
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    I have met two people on this site, I agree location is a major factor and similiar interests are important... alot of people just looking for sex, I am more into friendship and meeting new folks not just sexual encounters... I get discouraged alot been on here for two years or more.... just want to meet or chat with similiar interests... I know its a dating site as well as nudist friends alot of weeding... but the people that I communicate with are sincere as far as I can tell. Everyone has a different adjenda.... just have to use your best judgement... not showing pics makes my hair stand up... would rather see whom I'm conversing with what do u have to hide???? Sincere is what I am looking for... I try to be up front with my profile and conversations hope for the best I guess.... but the two people I have met are nice and to my likeings
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    I've been here for about a year and get plenty of winks but have never gotten to the point of an actual meet.Thankfully I get to meet lots of friendly people when I go to Solair.No romance yet,but this is a new year still!
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    I'm just new here. Was referred to the site by a friend. I'm seeing a lot of profiles that would be better posted on an adult dating site. I was hoping there would be more real nudists here. Having said that, I am glad to see a few of these message boards are, in fact, discussing nudist topics. Noticed a trend in the profiles of both the males and females. The older the person, the more they start looking for more than sex and one night stands. As we mature, we seem to begin looking for emotional companionship more than physical. Here's to all the real nudists who are trying to use the site for what it was intended. Nudists looking for nudists. Cheers!
  • View author's info Posted on Feb 21, 2006 at 08:28 AM

    Well, we have had 3 people so far reply and share their thoughs on dating others from this site. Are there any more people who have dated others others from this site?? This is primarily a dating site for nudists after all???
  • View author's info Posted on Jan 28, 2006 at 03:49 PM

    Hi Bolero,

    I do play volleyball at clubs and also at White Thorn so I agree with you that this is a good way to meet others. Sadly, White Thorn is a once a year event and since people come from so far away the distance issue again becomes a problem. Pursuing activites that are of interest and meeting others along the way does work. However, it does seem that at some clubs most are not really interested in activities and come more to relax and catch up on sleep. I agree, keep plugging away and eventually something good will happen.
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