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    Hey sunman,

    You raise some very good questions again.

    There area lot of factors I think why guys are not getting replies or get "winked" by females. I can only give you my perspective.

    I think first the imbalance of male/females on the site has a lot do to with it as I said before. Then it becomes for me a somewhat subjective and objective decisions. I look for people in my age group, my local area, but then they don't seem to fit my lifestyle hobbies etc. Married or men in a relationship are weeded out. Anyone looking for a "sex only" relationship goes out also. Then I start looking at people that look interesting to talk to as friends. That can be any age and location. Maybe the way they have written their profile, maybe the way the picture looks. But because of age difference or location, I have to decide if I want to spend time talking to them. I could be chatting all day! LOL.

    It is just the nature of nudism that there are more males than females. As I said before in my other hobbies it is the other way around. If you are really serious, you just have to keep looking and taking a chance. Maybe the better way would be to visit some of the local camps. Have you tried White thorn volleyball superbowl? A great place to connect with lots of nudists.

    Keep plugging away

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    Hi Bolero,

    Thank you for the really nice and informative reply. I am glad that this site is working for you. You paint an entirely different picture from what most of the guys are saying here. The 'real' nudist guys who are looking for friendship and to share activities and conversation have been saying that they either send email or winks and for the most part do not receive replies from the women. I have also read many replies in this forum where guys say that spending money on a membership was a big waste. From your experience and perhaps past conversations with others, why has this been happening to so many guys ie being ignored? Why don't more women initiate the conversation and either wink or send emails to guys that interest them? I can count on one hand how many women seem to be active on this site and are communicating with others? Is that all there is?
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    Have I met anyone on this site for dating? Yes, I have. I enjoy chatting with people from all over but one of the main issues is location. I would like to meet some of the people I chat with but then the reality of the distance is there. And lucky being a single female, I am able to have more of a choice and connect with people that have more of my interests. I can emphathise with you guys because of the ratio of single females to males. IN other interests that I have, the women outnumber the men so this is a nice change for me. You do have to do a lot of weeding out and I am getting better asking the right questions. There are quite a few people that misrepresent themselves but you just have to stick with it and be sensible about things.

    But the very positive side is that I have met a lot of nice people and learned a lot whether we chat once or for longer and develop friendships. good luck
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    Hi Ian and Barb,

    Thank you both for your replies. Welcome back Barb as you seemed to have been away from the forums for a while. Another question for input here is this. There seems to be a 'discouraging' attitude mainly towards single nudist men who want to date single nudist women. This seems especially prevelent a-t nudist clubs. Should single nudist men be 'embarrassed' by admitting that they are looking for single nudist women for dating and a possible relationship? Is there really a shortage of single nudist men who want to find a lady partner who shares many interests (with nudism being one of them) and develop a relationship?
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    I've talked to a few people off-site, but haven't met anyone in person yet. But then again I hate going out in winter and all the lovely Michigan Snow. Hoping to meet someone when the weather warms up a bit.
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    The only dates on this site are the ones you sit on, or if you want to shout "yabba dabba do and have a gay old time"
    This site is not alone in this regard. Another well known dating site is constantly chasing me even though I am not officially signed up or paid up. Out of thousands of genuine members of which 2/3rds? are women, they sent me an eeemale with a match from Lithuania. Looks like a nice lady and speaks English but I mean!
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